Calling those walking the nature, shamanic, witch and pagan paths who are called by the ancestors to assist your community with your Intuitive Gifts! 

Quynn Red Mountain here-

I am excited to announce that I am offering a New Training! Here is a bit of background-

I grew up in a suburb of Portland, OR, and had my shamanic calling experience in 1996, while living in NE Portland. Soon after, I left my hometown to travel to the southwest for my Spirit Guided training. The power of the Sonoran desert spoke to me and I stayed. In 1999 I was ready to assist others heal soul wounds and enhance their abilities, so I created The Institute for the Shamanic Arts. Since 2003 I have offered yearly Healing Practitioner Skills Training series in Tucson, AZ, offering a safe environment for Earth Honoring People who walk the path of Self Healing, to practice their intuitive abilities as a Healing Arts Practitioner. I have worked with many beautiful people with amazing abilities!

“This training has helped me connect more with my Guides, not only for guidance for me, but for others. I am building trust and confidence within myself and the courage to share my gifts.” Quote from most recent Tucson training

Now that we are in this new era that is deeply troubling, stressful and dangerous for Earth Honoring People,  I am called to share these skills and practices in more locations. Since I began in Portland, this is the perfect next step in the greater sharing of the Web of Life Tradition. In May of 2017 I offer a 12 month online training, with opening and closing weekends in NW Portland.  It is designed for those trained in at least one healing or artistic modality, who are becoming skilled in tending to the particular healing and spiritual needs of our Earth Honoring communities.

Below are the unique and important subject areas covered in this personalized training, and below that is a Q and A regarding common questions.
If you feel called to participate, I look forward to working with you!

To find out more about my calling to this work, please click here.

Many skilled Animist Soul Medics and Shamanic Healing Practitioners are needed to tend the spiritual needs of our Earth Loving, Pagan, Animist, Witch and Queer communities. Is this you???

Web of Life Shamanic Healing Practitioner-  One who uses aspects of the shamanic arts (shamanic journeying, soul restoration, divination), naturally occurring within, in combination with modalities in which they are already trained (Including intuitive work, psychic/empath work, coaching, body work, energy medicine, counseling, mentoring), to assist people as they tend their soul wounds, remember their direct connection to the spiritual world, and activate their natural abilities.

The following subjects will be approached and participants will practice:

  1.      Ceremonial Space Holding (building trust, healing altars, spirit world communication, sacred is everywhere)
  2.       Physical and Spirit World Protection and Animist Ancestors Connection
  3.       3 Worlds, 8 Days, All Genders= Animist Reality
  4.      Communication with the Web of Life as a Nature Guardian
  5.       Drum, Rattle and Song Reclamation (Traveling and Healing with Sound)
  6.       Divination and Intuition for Sensitive and Empathic People
  7.       Soul Renewal and Restoration for Self and Others
  8.      Ancestral Soul Wounds-Sickness, Forgiveness, Healing and Gratitude

Animist Soul Medic- One who uses their Healing Practitioner skills, along with the skills listed below, in support of Animists* and Earth Honoring People in need of spiritual support due to living in the dominant culture.  An Animist Soul Medic is capable of holding space for those who need support in both informal and challenging situations.

The following subjects will be approached and participants will practice:

  1.  Animist Reality Awareness-The Web of Life includes All
  2. Crazy Wisdom- Inner Voices, Visions, Visitations Support
  3. Clearing and Balancing as Spiritual Maintenance
  4. Compassionate Listening- Holding Space with Trauma, PTSD
  5. Soul Wounds and the Spiritual Sides of Sickness
  6. Altered States and Multiple Realities Navigation Support
  7. Protection, Boundaries, “Prayer” and Self-Care
  8. Dispelling Colonized Mind
  9. Spirit Guided Calm in Difficult Situations

This training does not endorse or certify you to assess, diagnose,  or cure any disease or illness, mental or physical.  It also does not certify you as a “Shamanic Practitioner”, as there is no certification at this time.

Read the full description of this training series HERE

Answers to Questions you might have regarding this training:

What can I do with what I learn in this training?

You can use these skills to:

Enhance the healing work you are already practicing.
Create your own modality which combines skills you learn here, and ones you already have.
Offer these Soul tending skills in circles, events, workshops, ceremonies and one-on one situations.
Create a Healing Practice.
Share your skills in informal ways to assist your community .
Be ready for emotional emergencies in the people around you.
Become a recognized Animist healing facilitator.

Does this training make me a “healer” or “shaman”?

I believe that the Spirits make a Shaman, as well as a Healer.  Human teachers and mentors offer tools, structure and guidance, but in the shamanic animist healing arts, we are made into Healers by experience, and under the direction of our Helping Spirits.  Always, the community recognizes the “healer” by asking for their help, and receiving something helpful.

How can you possibly think that someone will be “trained” as a practitioner in this one year, mostly online, program?!

You are right. One is not completely trained during the year of the training. Each person who completes the program will receive the framework and tools needed to hone one’s craft over time. Our communities need more practitioners who support Animistic and Shamanic understandings ASAP! This training helps a practitioner feel confident enough to offer their skills in their communities, to the degree that they are comfortable.  The only way to become skilled is to practice.  I have been practicing for over 20 years and I am guided to share what I have learned to those who are ready.

What is the tradition that you teach?

I have always been guided to focus on the tools that are available to all humans, rather than focusing on one particular cultural “way”.  People who are drawn to this way are often ones who have a severed connection to their direct Animist lineage.  This path says that each person and practitioner has their own ancestors and guides who want to teach them.  This is who teaches us our craft. In this training, instead of telling people the details about how to work with the tools available, I set the stage for each person to be taught directly by their Spirit Guides. This is the way I have been taught, and the path I share.

Over the years I have remembered and cultivated a view, which might be called the Web of Life Tradition.  This is in no way new. Wise Earth honoring traditions around the globe understand varying versions of this truth.

“We are all connected by the Sacred Web of Life and we are each equal threads in our web. There are many cultural ways to express this truth, and it is necessary to train and empower Earth Honoring People of all Genders, Cultures, and Bio=Regions who are called by their Ancestors to practice the intuitive and shamanic healing arts in their communities. We are each a sacred bridge to harmony within and between Humans, Non-Human Beings in all forms, and the Spirits of Earth and beyond.  We have the wisdom within us, we just need to remember to listen. “

This is the approach of this training. You have the calling and wisdom within you to learn what you need to know to be your best self.
How do I get to practice these skills during the training?

Intuition and Shamanic Animist practices are well transmitted across time and space.  The opening and closing weekends in a physical space in NW Portland will introduce and focus on a piece of every subject covered during the year. This provides a sense of connection, as well as the opportunity to practice between people in the training. For the ten months in between, biweekly live online sessions are scheduled (participants agree on time) to address a particular subject of both Practitioner and Medic lists.

Technology allows us to “be” with others over vast distances.  Our intuition is well suited for this current communication.

Each subject area will be explored in in one’s life in between online (and recorded) meetings. During the 12 month program each participant is expected to read A Tribe of One and 2 other Animist books of your choice, as well as to post and or share something about your experience with each subject in the private FB group every two weeks. Specific directions will be offered during the meetings.  I will mentor you as you expand your skills in your community.

What about Money?

The subject of money related to spiritual offerings is a tricky one.  My offering is to make this work accessible to those who want it, so … There is a requested sliding scale listed below. Donations are needed to further programs and and keep things going, so if you can afford an amount within the range listed at the description, it will help support ISA and EWM in all our offerings.  If the lowest amount does not feel possible for you, we could think of a partial, equitable trade that would assist Earth Web Media, which could include hours each month offering tech skills, or something EWM needs. We can talk about the most perfect win/win.

Requested donation for this 12 month Training Series is $720-$1800 sliding scale, depending on financial situation, for entire series (can be paid $60-$150 monthly).
*Does not include lodging or meals for 2 weekends

Total can be paid in monthly installments with automatic withdrawal

Why are both Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Animist Soul Medic included in this training?

I feel that there are two, equally important, forms of holding space for people.

  1. As a practitioner in a formal healing/mentoring relationship with a “client”
    In personal sessions or group situations, you are known to be a practitioner.
  2. As a Soul Medic in an informal capacity within Earth honoring communities
    In family, friend or community situations where someone needs help, and you have the skills to hold space for someone in the moment of need.

As our world becomes more stressful, especially for Earth honoring folks, both skill sets can be life-saving to members of our communities. It is my assessment that a well rounded practitioner needs to feel competent to hold space in one’s community, in many types of situations outside of “the wellness office”.

Do I have to live in Portland to participate?

No. Portland is a wonderful place to visit anytime and May is a beautiful season! All are welcome to apply.


Interested in going forward?!  Please make sure you have~

1) Training in at least one healing modality (Reiki, massage, yoga, EMDR, SE, Expressive Arts Therapy, Herbalism etc)

2) Confidence in your journeying process. Need practice? There are many mp3 options for learning. Find them HERE.

3) The ability to gather in Portland for both weekends and most of the biweekly live online meetings

To apply to participate, please go to the bottom of this page to download application

Or, send an email to Quynn Red Mountain and you will receive the application.



The dominant culture has been detrimental, dangerous and deadly to  Mystics, Intuitives, Blended Spirits, Witches and Healers of the diverse Peoples around the world commonly called Shamanic, Animist and Pagan.  Many  have been made to believe they are crazy, wrong, weird or evil for hearing the Earth Spirits and the Ancestors. As we remember who we are and the necessity of our medicine skills for a sick world, we are called to heal our soul wounds and competently train ourselves in the ways available to us.  In the shamanic worldview, teachings and guidance come from Human teachers, as well as Nature Spirits, Non-Physical Teachers and Ancestors.  If you have shamanic* and animist* ancestors, this path is available to YOU. 

This Training emphasizes Animist exploration and shamanic understanding, including offering respect and being open to communication with: animals, elements, plants, trees, spirit world, dream world, intuition, ancestors, spirit guides, other humans, and sacred self.  This path honors diversity in our human family, and that there are many ways to interact with the living worlds. Genders, in all expressions, are an important aspect of the Web of Life. As Animists, we may not always get along, but these truths we hold as self-evident. You are loved.

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