Hear me now! All people of the Earth, at one time, were tribal people. For thousands, and thousands and thousands of years our ancestors lived in small groups surrounded by Nature. Shamans occurred before there were cities, or any religion known to humans today. Imagine it. Somewhere in your tall family tree, your kinfolk were shamanic/ecstatic peoples.. Hunters, dancers, ritualists, adept members of the animal tribes. Even if we don’t use this wisdom today, we have this wisdom inside of us in our DNA.” from A Tribe of One

A Tribe of One- A Shamanic Healing Handbook for the Modern World is the first book written by Quynn Elizabeth, founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts.  Written in 2004, this helpful handbook allows any person to learn how to utilize shamanic techniques for self healing and soul exploration. 

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Introduction… A Time of Never Before
Quynn’s Ghost Story, The Old Ways, Love Letter to the Earth Tribes

Chapter One: The Shamanic World…
Shamanizing in the Modern World, “Shamana”, The Calling, Examining our Past,
Taming the Spirits, Connecting with Guides

Chapter Two: Exploring your Inner Wilderness…
Quieting the Mind, Meditation, The Strength of the Imagination,
The Shamanic Journey

Chapter Three: Healing the Past…
The Past is the Past, Healing Helpers, Backyard Magic, The Sad Years,
The Saving Graces, Family Stories, Ancestral Healing

Chapter Four: Connecting with the World Around You…
Creating Sacred Space, Calling a Circle, Connecting with Natural Time,
Tapping the Wisdom of the Body, Nature Loves Me

Chapter Five: Getting Answers…
Remember your Old Friend “Intuition”,The Power of your Dream World,
The Art of Divination, Synchronicity, Animal Voices

A New World

A review fromAmazon.com…
“A Tribe of One is a refreshing take on the subject of contemporary issues and healing modalities associated with modern shamanic practitioners. Approaching the aspect that if one can heal oneself, then by extension one can then start to impact the world as we know it, in a way to bring about healing of the world. Spare prose that carries one hell of a wallop that honors what has gone on before but is not bound by it.”

Excerpts from “A Tribe of One”
“In my experience, the most powerful and attention-getting answers that I have received were to questions that I didn’t even know that I had. Somehow, elements of the world around me came together in one moment, and BLAM! a message is received. I call this section “Animal Voices” because although I have never seen an animal open its mouth and speak to me, animals have played particularly important roles in my path. They have given me answers, seemingly out of the kindness of their hearts. No matter where you live, whether in a city, a suburb or in the ‘country’, you can receive answers from the natural world. This is because Nature is everywhere.”

“The way out is through forgiveness. We must first admit that there is something profound that must be healed, and forgiven. Once we admit this is needed, and we admit our part in it (that means YOU), the way to find the pathways to the new creation is through our ecstatic mind and heart as individuals and in groups. Remember, even if we don’t act like it, we are members of the Earth Tribes. These truths are within our DNA. We have not forgotten, but we have left the path. What is done is done. The point now is to find our way back and help create a world for future humans that we can be proud of, because I’m sure you know, the children are not proud of us now. They are disgusted. I hear that a prophecy of the Hopi people says when the children lose hope, it means the ‘end times’ are here. Well, the end times are here. But the end always leads to a new beginning. The new beginning is up to us.”

“In order for us to see through the spell, the ‘matrix’, the veil that has been cast upon our minds for the last 20 generations, we must cast off the beliefs of that system.

It is time for each of us to wake up and realize in which ways we are chaining ourselves to the world that has been created for us. If there is one thing that our modern mind is beginning to grasp, it is that ‘reality’ is more than we once thought. Certain people in the past thought that the sun moved around the earth and that white men were more ‘human’ than the rest. Modern society holds many beliefs that are similarly antiquated and they should be discarded like old dirty and disease ridden blankets.

I speak these words to you because your future is linked with my future, and the future of life, all life, on Earth. What kind of future do we want? We know what kind of future some people want, and expect, to come to pass. From what I understand, it includes Armageddon, apocalypse and rapture. Unfortunately, this means that the world is trashed and burned as they go. I don’t like this idea. I like it here on Earth. I am not in a big hurry to leave it. I would prefer that the Earth is healthy and that my culture, the one that I am remembering, and helping to create, is strong and vibrant. If this is what you want, stand up for it. Claim it. Be brave. The world needs our strength.”