Spirit Guided Journeys

The shamanic journey is an ancient mind exploration tool, used by people all over the world.  The act of listening to a drum or rattle, with intent, can expand one’s consciousness, connect the dreaming mind with the daily mind, and facilitate lasting change in one’s life.

Each audio file is drummed, rattled, narrated, and edited by Quynn.  All Nature sounds have been recorded on public lands around the West by Quynn.  New journeys are added monthly.

shamanic journey drumming (30 seconds)


Introductory Workshops

Shamanic Workshops are 30-70 minutes each (depending on subject) and spoken in Quynn’s voice.  Each offers guidance and a series of journeying experiences based around a particular idea related to personal healing, inner world exploration, and ancestral understanding. Each audio workshop is $9.

Current Workshop Titles include:
The Healing Power of the Shamanic Journey
A Tribe of One
Healing the Ties that Bind
Wisdom of the Four Directions
Your Ancestral Goddesses
Call on the Ancestors
The Power of YES!
Powers of Protection
Your Greatest Gift- Explore your Spiritual Abilities
Introduction to the Shamanic Journey
Access Inner Teachers with the Shamanic Journey
Explore Past Lives with the Shamanic Journey
Blended Spirit Workshop
Soul Restoration and Retrieval Workshop

Nature Sounds Relaxation Tracks

Nature Sounds Tracks (52 minutes and 60 minutes).  Sounds of Nature, recorded by Quynn over the years, guide you deep within so you can calm, center and relax when you need it.   Each track is $5 each.

Rhythm Tracks

Rhythm Tracks (10-15 minutes each). Consistent rhythmic sound, with no talking, to guide your journey.  Available:  Drum track, Rattle track, Creek and Rattle track and Ocean and Drum track.  Each track is $4.

Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic Journeys- (10-15 minutes each)  Explore your inner world, one journey at a time. At the beginning of the journey, Quynn speaks to set the intention for traveling within, and then she drums or rattles to accompany your journey.  At the end there is a ‘call-back’ to guide your return. Each journey track is $4.

Some journeys have more introduction than others. Each is independent and can be listened to in any order. Use them over and over with different results!

Inner Explorations
Exploring the Three Worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality
Enter your Cave of Wisdom
Explore your Field of Possibilities
Learning from the River of Life
Inner Blooming of Spring

Nature Teachers
Connecting with your Tree of Life
Connecting with Thunder Beings (Drum and Thunder)
Gathering Hummingbird Wisdom (with real hummer sounds)
Connect with Frog Medicine (drum with frog sounds)
Moon Illumination of your Path
Meet with Bear Teacher
Meet the Keeper of the Moon

Ancestral Teachers
Grandparent Council

Inner Healing Series
Retrieving Soul Parts (Soul Retrieval Journey)
Healing the Heart
The Tides Within (drum with ocean waves)
Feeling Satisfied (drum and rain)

Guided Journeys
Each session is 5-12 minutes and is guided in Quynn’s voice
A Tribe of One
Brave One Circle- Especially for Veterans and those suffering from Stress


Shamanic Intuitive Quynn Elizabeth is your guide.  Quynn has assisted many people as they enter their personal inner world for guidance and healing.  She created this series of audio downloads so people can practice on their own.

Are you ready to practice your Shamanic Journeying skills while learning more about your Earth honoring Nature and your Inner World? Try any of the following journeys. Each focuses on a different idea, with an introduction by Quynn. When the rhythm (either drum, rattle, or Nature sounds) begins, sit or lay back and enjoy the journey. We learn by doing, so as we journey, we learn more and more!

Everyone can journey! Try it for yourself!  If you feel unsatisfied with what ‘happened’ in your journey, journey again and ask for a special journey helper.


Journeying Advice…

A few details to remember as you go within to connect with your inner world:
-To begin…listen to your rhythmic music, relax, close your eyes, ponder your question and ask for help.
-You are not going anywhere that is foreign or dangerous.  This is your inner world.
-Always follow what first comes to your mind.  (If you ask for an animal helper and “ant” comes, don’t try to change it to something more dramatic. Ask for “ant’s” wisdom.)
-If you get stuck, or are unsure, ask a question.
-Trust that you will experience whatever you need most right now.
-If you begin to feel that you are “thinking” your way through journey (instead of letting it come to you), pause, breathe and listen to the music/drum.
-If you experience something that seems painful, ask a question (“Help!” is a great question).
-If you need help, you can always ask for a guide and/or helper.
-Write down your experiences afterwards, including your doubts, negativities, and questions.

“I love your drum tracks. I have been journeying to my best ability. I am realizing the parts of me I’ve lost and need to retrieve back. You are a blessed soul to offer these drum tracks to people all over this world.”

You are made for this! We learn by exploring, so let’s explore!