Healing Guide. Animist Warrior. Female Bodied. Artist. Lover.

I am cultivating many facets within me,
and I look forward to sharing them with you here, in circle, ceremony and personal sessions.

As in a crystal, each facet relates to the others,
and all facets combined, are a living whole.

“For 20 years I have traveled down this rabbit hole of magic and healing to the beats of my sacred drums,
and I wouldn’t change it for the world!  I know the most important part is still to come.
You are welcome here. Thank you for looking for me.” Quynn

The Power in a name…

Quynn, the name, was given to me by my mother.

Quynn, the spelling, was given to me by my first spiritual teacher,
Red Mountain is the name given to my father as he fought in Viet Nam.
Now I am Red Mountain.  I am Quynn. I am of my Mother and my Father.
I am all these. I am more.  I am.

Welcome to my world of art and healing.

Childhood peace was my foundation.  Creativity sprouted in this peace.
As I grew into my teen years and adulthood, emotional pain, and the desire to heal it, prepared the way for my Animist life.
My life completely changed when I was in my 20s, something unexplainable happened…and I was called to connect with the Spirit World.

This path has taught me to listen within,
and now I hear the sacred Nature within and around me.


Nature has always been a peaceful yet intense teacher. 
From Nature I have learned that healing emotional pain and multi-generational soul wounds is possible, and a healed soul expresses beauty in the world.
I have come to understand that healing inner wounds takes bravery and commitment.
I could not have written my books without knowing beautiful peace, and experiencing personal pain.  I now know that we share our collective pain, and healing, through soulful communication.
Welcome to my communication center for my life art.
I am grateful.  Join me, please.


Sacred Performance, Ceremony and Channeling Spirit are becoming so important to me, and they are incredibly satisfying. Each year I give in more to my desires to “dress up”, to shapeshift my perceptions of reality, and to explore my connections to my ancestors, Nature beings, and my guides in the non-physical realms, all for the good of all.

Our world needs magic, and ceremony and spiritual healing. I am here to help.



REGARDING “SHAMAN”– I have never used the word “shaman” to describe myself (I was given my own word for my role- OOlah, by my Spirit World), however, in the first 15 years I used the word “shamanic” much more often, as this was the commonly used word to describe this role, and for what was happening to me.  Now I use other words- “Spirit Bridge” “Animist” “Spirit World Journey” (instead of “Shamanic” Journey).  Please forgive any page with “shamanic” in the content,  listed in a url at this site,  or the title of my book a Tribe of One. As the admin of this site, I am shifting the words in page content, page titles, and the title of my book A Tribe of One over time out of respect for the Siberian Native People where the Evenki word originates. I have been trained by my inner world guides and ancestors regarding to my personal Animist path and Spirit Bridge work.

Dedication:   To my mother, the one who inspired me to be creative, helped me heal my pain, and supported me while I learned to understand what was happening to me. And still, you support me every day. I am grateful. Thank you.



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