“Photographs meant a lot to me as a child.  I loved looking at our big photo album with our family photos inside.  I was particularly fascinated with the photos of me as a little girl.  Photos allowed me, at a young age, to witness my own childhood, maybe even my own human-ness, in a way which I was aware.  I got to “see myself in the world”.

One refuge in high school is that I found black and white photography.  From looking through a lens (pre-digital), I learned how see the world around me.  I also learned how to create art by printing the photographs in my school’s darkroom.   I loved the ability to create beauty from light, while being in the dark.  I loved the feeling, but not the process.   I did not like the chemicals or when the film didn’t turn out the way I thought it did as I set the exposure and snapped the shutter. Like so many times in my early life, I recognized a love for something, yet it was not the right time… And so I waited.”

Before her shamanic career began, Quynn started her college career as a Photography major.
Even though her interests drifted elsewhere as a young adult,
her love of photography laid dorment…

As digital photography became the new normal,  and her new life of listening to Nature grew within her, her interest in photography reawakened.

When Quynn was 30 years old she had the opportunity to travel by van around the western United States during the summer.  Life was simple, living out of her van, with her partner and two dogs.  The solitude brought many stories, and her camera and audio recorder were very busy.
She was able to travel through public lands during summers between 2002-2010.  Each place gave her many opportunities to write stories, and capture many beautiful moments in time and space.  Each story and image documents the beauty, and the changes, that are affecting our sacred Public Lands.

She, in collaboration with the Animist Church Earth Web Media, has created the “DNA” Project.  This Digital Nature Archive now consists of thousands of photographs, taken in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.


All photos posted are to honor and preserve our most sacred places, public lands.