I share my Animist experiences through ceremonial performance,  public ritual, and sacred events at various times and places to help people remember their natural connections.

To assist this process, I have created Draven Fynn Productions.  The past and future of Earth Honoring People is in sacred, evocative performance and dramatic ceremony.  I look forward to helping to create this present and future!

“Quynn is a performance producer  for the sacred stage. Quynn has manifested very ancient, but lost, projects to explore communicating all the wonders of Animist practice to the layman. Bringing us back to painfully lost, pre Christian practice, and locally informed ways, her production of several shows adds excitement, connection and modernity to the old ways.”


“It seems that my childhood love of “Dress Up” never left me…I love the feeling of sharing a story, of embodying a character, stepping fully into oneself to become something else, in front of , and with other people. So much good has happened to me from being willing to creatively honor the land around us, and the sacred spirit within us, and find ways to share this collective story. I am now open to finding new ways to share this feeling with others.

“Performance” has always been a part of the “shaman’s” life.  Accessing the unseen worlds and making them visible to the community has involved “setting the stage” for magic and healing to become present.  As I age in my shamanic practice I feel compelled to share what wants to come through me. Draven Fynn is a character that resides in Me, and he wants to share his magic with you.”



To date I have produced, co-produced and/or performed in:

Earth Day (Solstices and Equinoxes) Labyrinths since 2008
“Be Come Rain” Monsoon Prayer,
“Be Light” Winter Solstice Ritual (2011)

“Cracking Open” A Shamanic Evocation

The Plasmic Portal
ATTUNEMENT- Winter Solstice 2012

Find out more about upcoming shamanically inspired events at Quynn’s meetup group.

Draven Fynn Productions produces shamanically oriented events, performances and ceremonies.