“I remember that first summer (2000) on the road to document Sacred Nature places around the western United States. So many times, in so many places, I would think “I wish other people could see this!”  Sometimes it was because something was so beautiful.  Sometimes because of the devastating sadness I felt in a sacred place. My time living quietly, with no electricity, for months at a time, opened something in me.  I could hear poems in my head, sharing teaching stories about what I was witnessing around me, and within me.  My childhood storyteller was ready to wake up…”if only there was a way to share all this?!” I prayed.  This time, I didn’t have to wait any longer.”

As media technology became as simple as a camera and a personal computer, Quynn found a new way to share art and tell stories that were coming into her head.

She taught herself how to use a video editing program on her first computer,  and then participated in shows on local radio and access TV in Tucson, Arizona to ‘learn the ropes’ of on-air conduct.

Quynn was an audio producer and co-host for two public affairs shows (A View from Slightly Off Center and Broad Perspectives Radio) at KXCI Community Radio 91.3fm from 2002-2008. She co-hosted a live TV show at Access Tucson in 2002 and then in 2003 she created her own public access TV show called “The Wanderer” airing until 2006. She was on-air host, as well as producer/editor.  Quynn still airs short “fill” segments on Access Tucson, and she highlights her videos on YouTube.

Directly due to her self-reflective experiences in Nature, Quynn began producing ½ hour segments in 2002, and short segments in 2005, continuing until today, that highlight public land issues around the west and stories of spiritual development.

By learning to see the state of the natural world around her, she learned to feel the relationship between mental/spiritual/emotional health, and how the degradation of such qualities leads to the degradation of the treasures of our commonwealth. The Earth and our Spirit.  The poems and stories that pop into her head are considered great gifts from the commonwealth of Spirit.

Audio, Video, Print Media: So far…Quynn has created The Wanderer, Shamana Strong, the DNA (Digital Nature Archive) Project, The Dach~Chi Chronicles, The Spirit of Nature, Earth Tribe Radio, The Shamanic Circle and Earth Tribe TV .


Media Storyteller