img_20161025_091119Since high school I have gone to thrift stores.  In my 20’s I had a booth at the Skidmore Fountain Market (adjacent to Saturday Market) in downtown Portland, Oregon.  I found and sold one of a kind items that had previously been owned by other people. I felt that my Spirit Guide Raven helped me find “lovelies”, and to help them find new homes.  Then for one year I had a Used Clothing store. However, when I was called to the shamanic path, I gave up that part of my life.

I have rekindled this part of me, on behalf of Earth Web Media.  I keep my eye out for unique items that I think my spirit kin will enjoy, and they become a part of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Thrift Store.  People also generate items to the store! Thank you!  I donate my time to this fundraising endeavor because it pleases me to find beauty inside piles of unwanted items.  I look at it as Spiritual Recycling. People (mostly women) tell me how happy the items and clothes make them, and how grateful they are for the prices of the items (I find them cheap, so I sell them very affordably)!

Unique and affordable Used Women’s (and sometimes Men’s clothes)
Spiritual Tools
Altar Items and Cloths
Spiritual Tool Bags
Whimsy and Costume Items

Find the Web of Life Thrift Store in FB I have the store open periodically, but no set hours…so reach out if you want to check it out!  Since the store is next door to Our Nest, it is open before and after ISA circles. Find it at 35 E Toole ave downtown Tucson.  When I find someone to help me create a web store, I will do that. :)  Blessings!

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