Humans seek out medicinal plants when we need their help with healing and connection. The plants we bring into our bodies are nourishers, teachers and healers, so as Animists we recognize the depths of wisdom, physical assistance and soul support that they offer us.

For those who commune with, and are patients of, sacred plant teachers, deep answers and even more questions can be found. Animist understanding knows that all plants have a Spirit. Visionary plant Spirits are known to bring up old emotions, traumas and pains for us to heal, it is a part of their gift to us. The process of working through these gifts is intricate, and so it can help to explore one’s healing in preparation for, and in integration after, we are in the care of these plants.

At Web of Life Animists we practice the sacred act of traveling the inner landscapes to the sound of consistent drumbeats as our main source of revelation. There are many similarities between visionary plant use and “journeying” to a drum, and drum journeys for teachings can be a very helpful practice for preparation and integration of the teachings for plants in ceremony.

Quynn offers soul support circles and sessions for those who feel connected to the Earth and are healing themselves and their lineages, with or without assistance from the Plant Elders.

Support Sessions/Circles with Quynn can be helpful for those who seek, or integrating teachings from, Plant Teachers

Through the Powers of Evocative Soundscapes
Drum, Rattle and Words are Allies
Intuitive Guided Imagery
Imagine a Place in Nature
and Grounded Soul Support from your facilitator and your Inner World, you can Access your Experiences you had during Ceremony or Communion with dreambeats and intention. Healing continues.

Quynn Red Mountain is the Animist Minister of Web of Life Animists and part of her ministry is to offer Soul Support opportunities for those who are students and patients of plant teachers, are considering being so, or need healing help and are searching for answers.

Quynn has received potent and meaningful messages, healings and teachings from plants in her adult life, and an experience with Cancer in 2014 brought her into the Medical Cannabis program in Arizona. As plant medicines are gaining acceptance from expanded use and legalization, she sees the need for healing and integration support outside of, and in combination with, plant medicine experiences, for people to be able to fully release and transform sickness from colonization, internalized self hatred, trauma and separation.

Quynn does not suggest, give advice about, or advocate for any particular Plant. 

To learn about, and schedule, a session with Quynn, go

While in her early 20s, Quynn Red Mountain experienced a plant teacher for the first time and received a clear message about the role of plant medicine in her life, and in this path that is now called Web of Life Animists. A female voice in her head said ” The purpose of Plant Teachers is to part the veil between worlds to show you where you can go and what is possible, but you have to be able to get there on your own.”

Whether you have worked with a Plant Teacher, or not, a Session or Circle with Quynn can help you:

  • Decifer Plant, Body and Soul Messages
  • Connect with ailing Soul Parts and Ancestors
  • Listen to the Spirits of your Sickness and Wellness
  • Explore the Wisdom of your Inner World
  • Receive Teachings, Healings and Clearings from Guiding Allies

Explore the roots of pain, sickness, trauma and ancestral troubles that can often cause a person to seek out plant medicine experiences.

Feel what is ready to be healed and expand into the beauty of being a part of the sacred web of life!

Quynn offers circles in Tucson and online that explore healing in areas of life such as:

  • Animist Recovery and Spirits of Addiction
  • Pain
  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Dreams and Dimensional Traveling
  • Clearing
  • Protection
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Gender and LGBTQ
  • Inner Child Empowerment

Recorded Workshops and Courses for your soul support can be found HERE.

The circles above are designed to help participants dive into the shadows and beauty of healing in a sacred circle, asking for help from ancestors, allies and inner world teachers.

Web of Life does not encourage, recommend or advocate for the use of plants for any healing, but our offerings are available for those who find the methods and connections helpful.

Find, and stay on the path to wellness with Soul Support!