Being a warrior is more than about fighting, it is about service to the community. Post Traumatic Stress is NOT weakness, it means you are a good person.

Veterans-Operation Warrior Soul offers Animist Soul Support Services for Veterans and their families. Animism (All is connected in the sacred web of life) can assist PTSD issues. All are welcome.

Post Traumatic Stress is a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of injury or severe psychological shock. Symptoms can include panic attacks, nightmares, insomnia, hyper-vigilance, flashbacks, outbursts of anger and irritability, concentration and attention problems and the inability to relax.

There are many ways in which a person can be left with symptoms of PTSD. War trauma is unique because in combat, stress is created by many experiences: the fear of death, the stress of not being able to trust the civilians around you, watching and hearing the terror of bloody death, seeing your friends and allies get hurt or die, the guilt of survival, regret, and finally the feelings associated with being ordered to kill others, even when the “others” are the “enemy”.

Since the Viet Nam war, PTSD has become a term that many people are familiar with, but intellectually knowing that trauma is real does not alleviate the symptoms for those who experience them. Bessel van der Kolk, MD and Trauma Researcher, says in his book “The Body Keeps the Score” that trauma is
specifically an experience that overwhelms the central nervous system, altering the way we process memories and how we live our lives. “Trauma is not the story of something that happened back then, it’s the current imprint of that pain, horror, and fear living inside people.” Bessel van der Kolk

The best way forward as a culture and a world is that every soldier is offered all the help they need in coming to terms with combat trauma. If this does
not come to pass, the pain continues, and it is passed on through who knows how many families for multiple generations. (From Accepting the Ashes)

Quynn Elizabeth is the only daughter of a two-time Viet Nam combat veteran, and granddaughter of a WW2 Air Force pilot shot down over the Pacific ocean. Due to her healing after her father’s death in 2004 she has become a Soul Restoration Practitioner, an Animist Pastoral Counselor and a Soul Injury Ambassador with Opus Peace so she can hold space for veterans and their loved ones as they too tend their trauma from military service and war.

A message from Quynn~ I am humbled when I think about the caring attention needed to heal soul wounds.  I grew up with good hearted adults who suffered from multi-generational soul wounds.  I cannot say that I would want a different childhood, however, because our healed pains help us become who we are.  I was called to a life as a healing facilitator because of my own woundedness, and now I am able to help other people be brave enough to acknowledge their own soul wounds, and to be patient as the soul heals itself. I thank my father for being a good man.  He thought he was weak.  He was strong enough to encourage me, and for that I am grateful.  My work is dedicated to all those in the past, and right now, who think they are weak for feeling the affects of PTSD.

Operation Warrior Soul is a FB group created to offer veterans with PTSD (also known as Post Traumatic Soul Distress) opportunities to use Animist (shamanic) practices to help them soothe their emotional, mental, and psychological wounds caused by their experiences in war. OWS also addresses issues that affect veterans such as dreams and visions that persist during the night and day.

The word ‘Soul’ is used here to describe the essence of a person. It can be damaged and wounded like any physical part of a person. Using drumming, guided meditation and mindful breath you can call on inner allies, healers and teachers who have helped Warriors mend their soul wounds for thousands of years. War changes people, causes soul loss, and can negatively affect families and tribes. Period. Time tested soul tending practices are offered as tools for veterans to use to heal the festering sadness, fear and anger that is left within after returning home.

Services offered with Quynn:
Soul Restoration online personal sessions-(offered by donation-Reach out to Quynn to schedule)

-Finding Peace – Meditation for Veterans with Drum, Breath & Guided Imagery
( in FB group OWS)

-Purchase the Kindle version of Accepting the Ashes- A Daughter’s Look at Military PTSD for $3.99 HERE
or the paperback version for $8.95 HERE

-You are invited to listen to the 58 Minute Audio Book (narrated in Quynn’s voice) available for free listen HERE
Please note that this audio book is of the original version from 2004. It is the same story, yet slightly different than the Kindle or paperback version, which was released in 2021.

“I commend the author for preparing this very helpful little resource for the spouses and families of our veterans. The descriptions of the struggles of combat veterans with the symptoms of PTSD are very accurate.”
A. Keith Ethridge, M.Div, Director, National Chaplain Center.

“Accepting the Ashes is both an easy read (short, to the point) and a difficult read, because of its truth and directness. The advice is straightforward and obviously comes from the heart. I appreciate what you wrote, and applaud your work.”
Col Charles W. Hoge, M.D., (Ret) Past Director of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and co-author of “Battle Mind”

Accepting the Ashes has been used by VA’s, National Guard Family Readiness Programs, and The National Chaplain Center in its Veterans Community Outreach Initiative.

Accepting the Ashes Book illustrations by E. Gentry