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These training series listed here assist you as you hone your ability to listen to the worlds within and around over a period of time (series times vary).  This deepening process leads to you being able to share your abilities with others in a sacred way.


There are two ways that people called to learn their craft-

1) They apprentice to human teachers

2) They are taught by the Spirit World itself, the trees, the water, ancestors, animal guides…even Ancestors who have passed into the Spirit World.

Many types of training are a step by step ‘teaching’, laying out the exact path or way for the student to travel. However, in the realm of Training, it is ultimately the person’s Spirit Helpers who teach her or him what, when, and how to travel the nonphysical realms.  Quynn has been taught in this way. Her Spirit World has guided her each step along her path and shown her what she needs to do.  There is an important role for human teachers, however, which is to ‘turn people on’ to new ideas, share ahah! moments and help them connect the dots.  A  Tour Guide of the Soul and Inner Wilderness is sometimes needed when the initiate is unfamiliar with the territory.  This is Quynn’s role now. She sets up these situations and sacred places (called “Trainings”) for people to practice, ask within, and connect with others of like mind and heart, as they travel along their path.

 All People have ancestors who, at one point in the past, knew the ways of Earth and understood the ways of Magic.  Each person has these ancestors in their DNA, and you can call upon these ancestors and ask them to whisper to you, to tell you what to do in these times.
Told to Quynn by a Rock Grandfather in 2000.


See Web of Life Animist church’s website for all Training options

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Testimonials from past Practitioner Trainings:

“The Training series helped me to string together the pieces in my life that I now better perceive as Gifts, and provided the space to explore them.  Due to this series I feel more confident in my ability to connect with my Spirit Guides and am ambitious to continue exploring the lessons that the Spirits hold for me.”

“Quynn’s  Practitioner workshop series has expanded my repertoire for my healing practice and helped me feel more comfortable using the shamanic techniques I have learned.  It also helped me to realize how at home I feel incorporating this wisdom into my life’s work.”

“I am grateful for this course as it has helped me to build confidence.  Being in this space is a relief because it is a place where I feel I can express the “unknown” without prejudice and judgment, and that is refreshing.”

“I loved all of the stages of this program and the transformation that we all experienced.  Every time we gathered for another day of journeying and sharing, it seemed like it was an orchestra of Spirits shaping and shifting our energies, putting us through powerful initiations.”

“I would recommend a training with Quynn to anyone seeking to develop their intuitive nature.  We all have gifts or talents in this area and Quynn is so adept at helping us to realize this.  The sessions gave us many opportunities to practice and develop our skills.  Quynn facilitates sessions that are respectful, safe and supportive of all participants.  They are quite affordable and so worthwhile.”

Thank you for creating the space for me/us to PRACTICE….. I know that I wouldn’t be practicing on people without your encouragement and you having this class.”

“I learned much by simply observing and experiencing Quynn’s very skilled circle facilitation during the training. She demonstrates a certain fearlessness that cuts through, as well as her own deep honesty and presence—all of which makes her highly effective as a facilitator and trainer.”


Learn about specific trainings offered in the next year, SEE THIS PAGE.

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