Circles and Workshops with Quynn

“Quynn, as always, conjures an outstanding circle. The energy channeled through her drumming touches people, myself included, and provides safety that is heard and felt in all the connected worlds.”

Public Circles in Tucson

Quynn has been hosting shamanic journey circles and Shamanic Workshops for personal development and Spirit World Connection since 1999.  She has gathered information from her own experience, her Spirit Guides, and her research to create each circle. To date, Quynn has hosted many hundreds of circles and workshops, where she sat in circle with many people of all walks of life.  Her purpose is to provide a sacred container for each participant to connect with their inner world, in a very personal way that helps them in that moment.  From beginner to practitioner, Quynn shares her intuitive and multicultural approach with whomever shows interest. To find out details about upcoming offerings with Quynn, please go to her meetup group.  Or go to the events page at

Quynn’s group container held space for spontaneous and miraculous spiritual healing for me of the most profound type.  Quynn’s encouragement of me to doctor myself during journey practice allowed the information in my subconscious, nervous system and DNA to come into the present, be awakened and integrated in to my present life experience freeing me from old patterns and addictions.

Online Workshops with Quynn

Quynn offers many ways to learn and explore your shamanic connection through mp3 recorded audio content.  Find out how to connect with her HERE~

Private Shamanic Circles in Tucson

Quynn will create a custom shamanic circle for you and your friends, family or co-workers in Tucson, Arizona.  One time or a series.  Her site or yours.  Contact Quynn for details.


“Quynn Red Mountain is a totally unique and powerful group facilitator. She is able to allow others to have their process within her circles. She is humble in that she does not take all the time spouting her beliefs and ideas. She allows for diversity in the circle for some of the most basic and passionate beliefs people have (those about spirituality) and makes a way for everyone to contribute and work together for mutual growth and insight on profound and deep levels.”


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