“Shamanizing has saved my life, and I see it help so many people who find their way to an ISA shamanic circle.   I created the Institute for the Shamanic Arts in Tucson so that other people can have their own shamanic experiences.  I have held shamanic journey circles and workshops since 1998 and I am continually humbled by the wisdom that comes through people.  Every time. The power of the drum always parts the veil.  Conscious attention is so meaningful.  Gathering with like-minded people does wonders. I have circled with many people so far, and I look forward to a future filled with many more circles with kindred spirits.”

My role as Shamanic Practitioner is called “Oolah” (One who Balances) in my tradition. I host workshops and circles that utilize the shamanic journey and sacred (non-medicinal) trance to activate personal growth and healing, in each person’s own unique way.

I would like to recommend Quynn Elizabeth as an outstanding shamanist.  Quynn serves as a catalyst to help an individual bring forth their shaman-self and to guide a person to develop in a way best for them. I respect her and trust her to help me see for myself my way in spirit.” R. Underwood, M.Ed

Quynn regularly offer Shamanic Journey Personal Sessions, a focused opportunity for a person to use the shamanic journey and other shamanic techniques to activate their abilities and heal/integrate their past with their sacred present. “I love to help people chart their own course as they navigate through their inner worlds and integrating their sacred talents into their lives.”



Quynn hosts Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Animist Minister  Trainings each year, to offer unfolding practitioners the opportunity to practice and learn their healing craft in service to the Spirit of Healing and Fellowship.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I feel the movement of my voice.  I have stepped to the other side of fear.  I am so greatful!  A circle to focus on what needs to happen.  The five month focus in the background of my life has helped me move through my resistance.”
Practitioner Training participant

“Quynn’s unique way, or shall I say, gift, for teaching is like no other. She will guide you through journeys with your ancestors, guides, angels, higher self, and totem animals through her instruction and dynamic drumming. Teachers like Quynn are a rare find.”    Linda Rettinger of www.meaningfulthings.net

In her own tradition, She does not call herself a “shaman”, she is called “OOlah”-One who Balances.
Quynn is of the Butterfly People,  Raven Clan and Beaver Lodge.   Aya!

While she considers herself a woman of no particular lineage, Quynn acknowledges and honors her human ancestors of Europe, Africa and Southeast Turtle Island, as well as those of the animal people.



“Whoever listens within, and to the land, will hear all the teachings they need to feel fulfilled personally, and to re-establish the Earth Tribes in their new forms to heal human hearts, and bring balance back to the lands of this modern Earth. This creative re-emergence is ‘Ourstory’.” From Quynn’s latest book Rhythms of Feather and Smoke

“Quynn brings the real deal. She is a graceful and humble teacher sharing her skills with community in a myriad of ways. I’m never left wanting or disappointed. I know her group will deliver exactly what I’m looking for.”
Allen Smith – Rainbow Didge Music

“Quynn holds the space in a masterful way and it always feels totally safe. I feel free to express whatever comes.” Susan in Tucson

“Quynn, many people have been, and will be, blessed by meeting you and learning from you. I know I was.” Judi


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