The word given to me by my Spirit World is OOlah (One Who Balances)

“Shamanism” (I call this “Shamana”) is an ancient human experience that still lives within.  Humans all over the world have been, and still are, called by the spirit world to work between the worlds for healing.  There are thousands of cultural ways of doing such a thing.  Each culture has their way, and so does Quynn.  So do you.  Quynn does not speak for anyone, or for any group of people, she speaks of her own experience.

“If I were to tell my 21 year old self that I would someday have a life-changing experience and totally change my world to become a shamanic practitioner, she would have no idea what I was talking about.  If I tried to explain it to her, she would think I am crazy.  I smile at this thought now, because I see my self in every person that sits in circle with me, and I love watching people realize that they are not crazy to talk within and explore the worlds.  This is my calling.

I came to this world as a starseed, and am in this world as a deeply indigenous human female, even though my direct lineage to my ‘indigenous’ heritage was forgotten for generations.  I am abundantly grateful for being called to this life in this time.    I was blessed to be called by my ancestral spirit world when I was 26 years old, pulling me awake and helping me remember this ancient wisdom that is within me.  As a 21st century American, I am acutely aware that without the direct intervention from, what I call, my Spirit World, I would have continued living a life of amnesia that was deeply painful to live, and that wasn’t even mine.  I now know with my heart that I am part of a living world around and within, and I hope to honor my ancestors and kin with my shamanic practice, now, and into the future.”

After a life-altering physical experience at the age of 27, I could suddenly hear the Spirit World, and felt an age-old calling.  This new connection came in the form of visions, auditory messages, as well as many forms of synchronicity and spirit traveling.  In order to understand what was happening to me, I began to seek spiritual teachers. Many humans taught (and still teach) me how to be an honorable Human, and it has always been my non-human teachers who have offered the most profound lessons.
I was taught how to journey (Shamanic Journey) by a Dream and Spirit teacher.  As I spontaneously plummeted down a tunnel in my mind for the first time, the part Horse, part Rabbit being who was a recent dream character, told me in my head “Keep practicing and you will learn how to do it”, but I had no idea what “it” was.   Now I know.

Read more about my spirit world calling.

In 1998, I formed The Institute for the Shamanic Arts, which is now based in Tucson, Arizona. Today ISA offers a multidimensional approach to the shamanic arts and intuitive wellness.

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Quynn’s drum sang astonishing harmonies that supported my amazing, insightful, and playful journeys. I now feel much more competent to journey on my own whenever I need Spirit guidance, very welcome and supported in my personal “shamanalandia .” I highly recommend this class/ experience to all new journeyers, and to other journeyers who, like me, never became truly familiar with their personal spirit world.”

Welcome to Your Inner World!

Coming Full Circle

ISA is part of Earth Web Media Inc. I created ISA, and ISA practices, “Full Circle Shamanism”.  The natural way of Shamanic practice belongs to all humans.  It has taken thousands of forms, and will take thousands more.  “Full Circle Shamanism” is especially for those who’s ancestors have been made to forget their shamanic lineage. Full Circle Shamanism is for those ready to remember their shamanic ancestry!”

My purpose for ISA is to seek out and train individuals who want to improve their natural abilities in the shamanic arts* and to educate the public about the shamanic arts, their usefulness to individuals as well as their benefits to the community. This education happens through workshops, performances, enactments and adventures in Nature. There are also circles and trainings for those with shamanic journeying experience.

*The shamanic arts explore modern applications and benefits (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) of consciously voyaging into the wilderness of one’s mind for the purposes of healing, increasing communication skills and inspiring art.

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