Three Spirit Bridge Trainings begin in May of 2022!

Spirit Bridge Training for Queer Intuitives-Healing Practitioner Program

Guide of Souls-Death Transition Spirit Bridge Training

Spirit Bridge 2-Oracle Practitioner Online Intermediate Training

Created and hosted by Quynn Red Mountain (They/She), Founder of Web of Life Animists

Greetings friends,

I have hosted Healing Practitioner trainings since 2003. My intention in hosting them is to provide a place where people can practice using and exploring their intuitive abilities, in a supportive and non-competitive environment.  When people feel called to being a “healing facilitator” in some form, many opportunities for healing Personal, Soul and Ancestral wounds surface. This is normal, and being courageous enough to face them offers needed and valuable Soul Restoration experiences for the person who will become a Practitioner who assists others.

22+ years ago, when I was called to explore my calling by Spirit to walk this path, I had to figure out how to do this on my own, with the continuous help of my personal non-human allies, reading books, and getting tips/ideas from other humans.  Over the years I have worked with many people and have been blessed to hold space for them as they figure out how to let go of beliefs that make them doubt themselves, and then give in to their natural intuitive gifts for the benefit of others, and their own Soul.

In the early days I called these trainings “Shamanic” because that was the commonly used term at the time and it seemed (still does) that this is what many people wanted. However, I quickly saw that out of 10 people, maybe one or two seemed to be called in a way that was directly related to “shamanic” skills of working with the Spirit World. The rest had gifts in other healing ways, and utilized the shared tools and experiences to enhance their modality of choice.  I decided that this was just as important, and I also began to see that I needed to be clear about what I offer (and what I don’t), so I shifted the language to “healing practitioner training” that uses the tools of spirit world journeying and rhythm for messages that come through trance.

Animism is the reality that we are all an equal part in the Sacred Web of Life, and we are in communication with all the other “Peoples” besides Humans. The Stones are People, as is the Wind, and Water, and 4 leggeds, Winged ones, No leggeds, “Plants” and “Trees”.  Also that we are in communication with the Ones who are not in physical bodies, including our Ancestors. We are at an important time in our Remembering, that we are a naturally a part of Everything, and therefore we can feel, hear, and see aspects of reality that we have been taught are not “real” by the dominant culture.

Quynn Red Mountain

Over the last few years an awareness about words, and cultural appropriation, has been brought to the surface, and I am glad for it. Animism is the word I use now. Animism is the reality that we are all an equal part in the Sacred Web of Life, and we are in communication with all the other “Peoples” besides Humans. The Stones are People, as is the Wind, and Water, and 4 leggeds, Winged ones, No leggeds, “Plants” and “Trees”.  Also that we are in communication with the Ones who are not in physical bodies, including our Ancestors. We are at an important time in our Remembering, that we are a naturally a part of Everything, and therefore we can feel, hear, and see aspects of reality that we have been taught are not “real” by the dominant culture. 

The Tree People talk, as does Grandfather Fire, and every Person who once lived in physical form. We are connected through time and space, and it is high time that we relearn the skills to perceive and appropriately respond to the messages that are flowing to and around us all the time, for ourselves and others.

Spirit Bridge is the title I am now using for People who complete these Practitioner Trainings with me.  I feel that the title is descriptive of the Role of this type of Animist Practitioner. We are a Bridge between the Physical and Non-Physical entities of this world and beyond.  In the Web of Life Tradition, to be a Spirit Bridge means that One is able to tend their own person and ancestral soul wounds in a humble and purposeful way, as to become as clear a channel as is possible in the moment on behalf of their community. We need many more people to be skilled in these arts so we can more effectively approach the pains that are causing Human People to wreak havoc on all the other Peoples of the Earth.  This training is my small way of assisting in this endeavor.

People of all backgrounds, genders and affiliations are welcome to apply


Spirit Bridge Training for Queer Intuitives-
1 year Online Training Program (through zoom) begins Saturday, May 14, 2022

Calling Queer intuitive beings, diviners, space holders, psychics and dreamers!Explore your intuitive abilities and experience deep soul tending practices in this vocational training, specifically created for Queer Intuitives who are called to become Healing Practitioners for their community. Scholarships available. 

More info: 
This is a program with no intuitive pre-requisities. 


Do you have experience? There is also an intermediate program for Distance Energy work, mediumship and Oracle skills called Spirit Bridge Travelers for those with previous shamanic practitioner/channeling/psychic training (with Quynn or other group/trainer).

Spirit Bridge 2-Oracle Practitioner Intermediate 1 year Online Training Program (through zoom) begins Saturday, May 7, 2022

This intermediate program offers opportunities to practice Distance Energy work, mediumship and Oracle skills, while being of service to the Web of Life community in a supportive circle. Spirit Bridge Oracle Training is for those with previous “shamanic” practitioner/channeling/psychic training (with Quynn or other group/trainer).  

More info: 
This program has 1 spot available

Guide of Souls (5).jpg

Guide of Souls-Death Transition Spirit Bridge 9 month Training 
This online training begins on Sunday, May 1     2-4pm PT/AZ and takes place on the first and third Sundays for 9 months.
More Info:   This program has 1 spot available

The participants in the current SB (2) Oracle program have asked to go on to apply these SB skills for those in the process of Death. This is the first ever round of this program, and so this is the ‘beta’ version with a small group of experienced “journeyers” through time and space. 
Our Death Transition Spirit Bridge Practitioner Training explores:
~Tending the Deaths during Life and the needs of the Spirit/Soul of the Human during the final death transition
~Assisting the smooth passage of One’s Soul when death comes
~Decifering what is needed when untended trauma, regret, confusion or denial obstructs Soul Flow during active dying
~Calling upon psychopomp allies, guardians and ancestors to Guide One’s Soul where it needs to be
~Activating personal protection and maintaining life affirming boundaries

I am not attached to creating cookie cutter copies of me and my gifts. On the contrary, my purpose is to hold space for each practitioner in training to listen within and be guided regarding what is wanted of them.  Each person with intuitive abilities has their own calling, my job is to help them listen to it.  Most traditions teach a cosmology and a “way” for the person to fit into the system of healing designed by the culture.  Being a person of no particular Animist culture, I have been guided by the voices in my head and the helpful voices of this beautiful Earth to focus on the themes that run through all cultures, and help each person bring to the surface what is already inside.  I feel that if someone is called to be a Practitioner/”Healer”/Soul Tender, they already have what they need inside.

The Power of Technology assisted Intuition~

During Covid times I have transferred all trainings to zoom, mostly audio only for participants, I share video. I have continually been awed by how our intuition and “tuning in” is beyond space and distance, so learning in a physically distant environment is a perfect way to learn to listen, perceive, trust, and share our non-physical gifts. Everything learned in this training perfectly translates to in person session environments.

Are you Ready?!? Notice your Excitement, and your Hesitation:
I have seen over the years that it is rather scary for people to admit to, and give in to, their intuitive gifts.  People are drawn, yet hesitant and often times filled with self-doubt about stepping into their gifts and “calling”. I call to those who know it is time, and yet are trying to deny it. “I will do it later” “Who am I to do this?” “There are so many reasons why not” “I don’t have the money”…  I hear these reasons every year.  So, if you feel the pull in your gut to reach out, please do.  If you have concerns or worry, please really look at them… why are you resisting your authentic self? There are many valid historical reasons to be hesitant. Patriarchy, monotheism and colonization have been cruel and violent towards people who demonstrate these abilities. You likely have ancestors who experienced that wrath. This is a power-filled way to address, tend, and lean in to those abilities.

Many blessings to you, Quynn Red Mountain

Reflections from past participants in Practitioner trainings with Quynn:

“I was at a point in my life where I needed to be reawakened into my purpose as a healer. You provided a safe and beautiful space for that purpose.”

“I felt welcomed and appreciated as a colleague and have needed this community to help me be at peace and to find strength with like minded and hearted folks.”

“I am reclaiming something that was lost to my family through time and persecution.  I had always felt something was missing in my life, there was a void, this class filled that void. Reconnecting with my guides and my true nature in this life is a priceless gift.”

“You think this series is about being a Healing Practitioner. It is and it isn’t.  This series is about embracing and accepting the healer energy already dwelling inside you. It was, by far and wide, the best thing I have ever invested in, both of my energy, commitment and monetary resources.”

You, this class have blessed and transformed me, given me the gift of myself that I had almost given up on searching for, and the words “thank you” do not even begin to cover the intensity and depth of my gratitude. It is like some sort of living embodiment of the Tao, or some magical entity you have called forth to heal, inspire and transform, not just us, but this world.”

“You provide a portal for infinite possibilities, without too much attachment to controlling the outcome.”

“Quynn, as always, conjures an outstanding circle. The energy channeled through her drumming touches people, myself included, and provides safety that is heard and felt in all the connected worlds.”

“Thank you for creating the space for me/us to PRACTICE….. I know that I wouldn’t be practicing on people without your encouragement and you having this class.”

“Quynn’s training series helped me to string together the pieces in my life that I now better perceive as Gifts, and provided the space to explore them.  Due to this series I feel more confident in my ability to connect with my Spirit Guides and am ambitious to continue exploring the lessons that the Spirits hold for me.”

“Quynn’s Practitioner workshop series has expanded my repertoire for my healing practice and helped me feel more comfortable using the intuitive techniques I have learned.  It also helped me to realize how at home I feel incorporating these ideas into my life’s work.”

“I am grateful for this course as it has helped me to build confidence.  Being in this space is a relief because it is a place where I feel I can express the “unknown” without prejudice and judgment, and that is refreshing.”

“I learned much by simply observing and experiencing Quynn’s very skilled circle facilitation during the training. She demonstrates a certain fearlessness that cuts through, as well as her own deep honesty and presence—all of which makes her highly effective as a facilitator and trainer.”

“I loved all of the stages of this program and the transformation that we all experienced.  Every time we gathered for another day of journeying and sharing, it seemed like it was an orchestra of Spirits shaping and shifting our energies, putting us through powerful initiations.

“I would recommend this training to anyone seeking to develop their Animystic healing arts.  We all have gifts or talents in this area and Quynn is so adept at helping us to realize this.  The sessions gave us many opportunities to practice and develop our skills.  Quynn facilitates sessions that are respectful, safe and supportive of all participants.  They are quite affordable and so worthwhile.”

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Upcoming Spirit Bridge Practitioner Trainings
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