Quin (Q) Raven Sun is the other side of Quynn Red Mountain. The re-emerging original Q.
Soothsayer. Performer. Anti-Racist. Satirist. Male spirit inside this female body.
As a young adult, self-conscious Quin stepped aside, confident Quynn Red Mountain emerged.
As a 56 year old Gen X Elder in Process, the young Quin is reclaimed and set free to Be.

Creative projects of Quin Raven Sun and Quynn Red Mountain, combined known as 2Qs

Animism=We are all Connected in the Web of Life. One’s actions affects all.
Politic=Sensible in practical matters; diplomatic.
Politics=The ways in which we act out our values and power in the world.
We share Sensual Conversation, Satirical Righteous Indignation and Poetic Navigation while flowing into the “After Times”. What comes next is up to us.

“Quin is a performance producer for the sacred stage. They manifest projects to explore communicating all the wonders of Animist practice to the layman. Bringing us back to painfully lost, pre Christian practice, and locally informed ways, their production of several shows adds excitement, connection and modernity to the old ways.”

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