Whatever our physical age or life situation, we are offered opportunities to tend wounds of the past so we can deepen and expand our sacred connections within, and with the web of life. I am continually healing, and remembering many intuitive facets within me, and I know you are too. I look forward to sharing soul expanding experiences with you in circles online and in Tucson, AZ (O’odham land), creative collaboration and community support.
Quynn Red Mountain

Quynn Red Mountain (they/she) has been a creative artist since childhood. Every aspect of Quynn’s life is guided and infused by their creative self.
Today, Quynn is a Pastoral Counselor and lead ordained Animist Minister for Earth Web Media’s “Web of Life Animist Church”, which they/she legally founded in 2008.  Sharing the path of animism since 2000, Quynn is an OOlah (One Who Balances), Decolonizing Storyteller, Spirit Bridge healing practitioner & Queerful Navigator for what is Coming.

“Quynn, Your footsteps leave a trail for many to follow as they learn to make their own path.” 

Quynn was raised by the lands of the Multnomah Peoples (Portland, OR) and is the oldest child of settler parents who have/had kind souls and are/were connected with the lands in their own ways. Quynn’s adult life has been dedicated to the process of personal and collective wellness, as well as forging an authentic and non-appropriated lifeway practices guided from inner wisdom, ancestral lineages and animist practices available to all. Quynn’s offerings come from their personal scope of practice and areas of life knowledge, consciously addressing the pain caused by white supremacy/colonized mind in individuals and the structures of this culture.

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In their own tradition, Quynn was named “OOlah”-One Who Balances.
A Queerful Trance Warrior on behalf of the Peoples of Earth,
Of the Butterfly People, Raven Kin and Beaver Lodge.
Bear claims Quynn as their own and protects them.

Quynn has been guided to specifically speak to those of “The Forgotten Peoples”, meaning those who’s ancestors have been made to forget their Animist/Earth honoring lineages, and that “forgetting” was passed on to us. Our generations are the “Remembering Peoples”, remembering this “spiritual” work to be inner justice healing work that enhances and accelerates the desire for fierce kindness for self and others.

Welcome to my corner of the world. Over 20 years ago, I was called to what I called at the time, the “Shamanic Arts” (which I now call Spirit Bridge), in a profound and logically unexplainable way. Through my experiences and research I have been shown how to connect with my Guides and Guardians through Intuition, Creativity and the Spirits of Nature. I seek to inspire others to learn how to reconnect for themselves so that they feel empowered to be their authentic Self and speak for the Earth and its inhabitants. The methods used are Human and accessible to anyone. Full Circle Animism is for those who have made to forget their animist lineage. It is time to remember!


You are a true change maker. The path you create leads us through the evolutionary shift.

I find your voice and teachings so very grounding

Thank you!!!

The Powers of my name…
Quin, the name as spoken, was given to me by my mother.
Quynn, the spelling, was given to me by my first spiritual teacher,
Red Mountain is the name given to my father as he fought a war in Viet Nam.
I took this name, and left his colonized surname after he passed from this world.

Now I am Red Mountain.
I am Quynn.
I am Q(uin), who is Raven’s Sun.
I am of my Mother and my Father and all who came before.
I am grateful for my ancestors.
I am healing my ancestors, for the generations to come.
I am here to help others heal their personal and ancestral traumas,

so we can do what needs to be done.

I honor my Slavic, Gaelic, Nordic, West African (Mother Africa) Ancestors.
I also honor my kin of the animal and plant people of the lands west of the Rockies as-sin-wati (Cree).
I reside on the traditional land of the Tohono O’odham in Arizona.
I was raised on the traditional lands of the Multnomah, Clackamas and Chinook Peoples in Oregon.

Kind words someone wrote about my work in 2012-
Quynn Red Mountain is a totally unique and powerful group facilitator. She is able to allow others to have their process within her circles. She is humble in that she does not take all the time spouting her beliefs and ideas. She allows for diversity in the circle for some of the most basic and passionate beliefs people have (those about spirituality) and makes a way for everyone to contribute and work together for mutual growth and insight on profound and deep levels.

In her circles she holds space for soul practitioners from varying serious and powerful personal “traditions”. Most who show to the circles are there for reasons of powerful forces pulling them there, or having explored these forces, have made a tapestry of spiritual identity in this spiritually materialist and deserted culture. Much of Quynn’s guidance is free as the wind as she encourages creative, experimentation and exploration in crafting one’s own spiritual journey.

Quynn’s group container held space for spontaneous and miraculous spiritual healing for me of the most profound type. Quynn’s encouraging of me to doctor myself during journey practice allowed the information in my subconscious, nervous system and DNA to come into the present, be awakened and integrated in to my present life experience, freeing me from old patterns and addictions.

And then there is the performance/producer Quynn for the sacred stage. Quynn has manifested very ancient but lost projects to explore communicating all the wonders of Animistically influenced ceremonial storytelling and trance to the lay person. Bringing us back to painfully lost, pre Christian practice, and locally informed ways, her production of several ceremonial performances adds excitement, connection and modernity to such Animist ways.

And there is a sense of humor, and maybe even a “fuck” spoken, in these circles. Spirituality is not so serious that we need to frighten and shame each other into obedience. So the rules are that there are none; however, there is witnessing and give take. We learn from and rely upon each other for mutual aid, and lightening the mood when needed.

Get to know Quynn a bit better through this podcast interview on The Voice in All Things with Soha Al-Jurf

*REGARDING “SHAMAN”– I have never used the word “shaman” to describe myself (I was given my own word for my role- OOlah, by my Spirit World), however, in the first 15 years of my Spirit work I used the word “shamanic” much more often. This was the commonly used word to describe this role, and for what was happening to me.  Now I use other words- “Spirit Bridge” “Animist” “Spirit World Journey” (instead of “Shamanic” Journey).  Please forgive any page with “shamanic” in the content,  listed as a page at this site. As the admin, I am shifting the words in page content, page titles, and the title of my book A Tribe of One over time out of respect for the Siberian Native People where the Evenki word originates.

I honor the Spirits and Practitioners of  traditional Shamanism. I have been trained by my inner world guides and ancestors regarding to my personal Animist path and Spirit Bridge work. I am an Earth honoring Pastoral Counselor and Animist Minister through Web of Life Animist Church.

If you want someone who can really HELP you HELP yourself, you need someone who has learned by personal experience. Quynn has done just that, deepening her knowledge and skill on her healing path and sharing her learning with many people over 20+ years. She shares what she has been taught within by listening closely and letting go fearlessly, so you can trust that her unique path will help you find your path to your truth and healing. She doesn’t tell you exactly what to do, but gives you examples and choices that can lead you to your own way of learning, knowing, and healing.
Trusting her teaching will lead you to trusting yourself.

Dedication:   So much evolving respect to my mother. She is the one who inspired me to be creative, helped me heal my pain, and supported me while I learned to understand what was happening to me. And still, you support me every day. I am grateful. Thank you.

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