We all have had, and still have, “calling” experiences that crack us open and give us direction. When we are young, or new, or ready for an expansion, we stumble on to an aha moment of waking the F up in one way or another. One that sticks out in my mind is when I learned that there is more than one way to describe “Time”. I thank the Galactic calendar for that, the Mayan time sequence as reimagined by Jose` Arguelles because it decolonized time in my mind.

After I was hit on the head and cracked open at the age of 25, my worlds opened up. So much about my experience of my perceived “reality” shifted and expanded. A huge turning point for me was when I was turned on to the “Dreamspell” calendar (now called the Galactic calendar) in 1997. As I realized that the Gregorian calendar and 12:60 clock I grew up with were constructed and imposed as a part of colonization, and not The Calendar, given to me by an invisible God, I could feel my internal structure open up to new possibilities. I became curious about the many ideas that I thought were a part of the fabric of Reality, and instead were lies. This was incredibly liberating, and sad.

I don’t remember now how it crossed my path exactly, but I do remember that when I returned to Portland, Oregon after my 6 month exploration down to Tucson, AZ, I connected with a dedicated group of people who had worked with Jose` in the years previous to my return to Portland. The year of immersion into the cycles of the Dreamspell helped me lay the foundation for many new layers of my Colonized Mind to free itself.

I write this today because it is July 26, 2020, in the heat of Covid-19, cultural change and global crisis unfolding. I have not followed the calendar as closely as I used to, however as the Day out of Time (July 25) was coming this year, I looked to see what energy we are entering from today forward for the next 260 days.

( 13moon.com description of how the Dreamspell Galactic calendar is not the same as the Mayan Calendar)

Blue Lunar Storm is the year we are entering…

ain’t that the truth.

You will have to look up the meaning as the Galactic Calendar describes it, but what comes to me is that we are entering a year of:

Lunar=Goddess Womyn/Wimmin/Wombyn
Storm=in Weather of Earth and Human Culture

Just in Time!

I am grateful that this calendar timing system helped me see Time in a different way (Time is Art) than the way I was taught was the “only way”. Time is expressed in many ways on Earth, and in the minds of Humyns. May we move ever more surely in the direction of Galactic Culture where Time is honored as Art. May you be blessed with the expanded awareness of Time.

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Decolonizing Time in the Mind
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