“Making audio and video media has done so much for me. I had to learn to see myself in a whole new way… an honest way.  As a girl, I was quiet and questioned my role in society. As I got older, I felt a growing need to share stories.  This feeling of urgency led me to become comfortable with my voice and being in front of a camera.

Digital media via the internet recently became available to people like me all over the world, and as a storyteller, I realize the Power of Being the Media.  This ability to quickly connect is new for our species, yet young people don’t know what it was like ‘before’.  My work as a consultant helps me fulfill my desire to share what I learn with anyone who wants to share their own story, especially younger women and girls.”


Translating Digital Skills into Personal Freedom and Community Service

In 2005 Quynn created a Digital Arts Program at an arts non-profit in Tucson, in order to teach adults and young women audio and video skills to enhance their self-confidence and job skills.

In 2007 a commissioner for the Pima County/Tucson Women’s Commission www.pimatucsonwomen.org , wrote a grant to fund Quynn’s youth media instruction, from a local foundation the Every Voice in Action Foundation www.everyvoicefoundation.org . The grant was written under the Commission, and in collaboration with WomanKraft Art Center. This is how her program “Girls Making Media” was born.

Girls Making Media has been awarded three grants from Every Voice in Action Foundation (one 1 year grant for our first year, as well as two grants to fund our two Final Showcases in 2010 and 2011). In 2009 GMM’s program (through WomanKraft Art Center) was awarded a two year grant (total of $10,000) from the American Association of University Women www.aauw.org  .

Links to archival videos created by participants in Girls Making Media between 2008-2011 can be found at www.girlsmakingmedia.com

Skills to Share

Since 2008 Quynn has conducted video and audio production classes for youth and adults from all walks of life to enhance self-confidence, build digital media skills, and create meaningful opportunities for youth to raise their emerging voices in the growing global community.

She is available as a media instructor, mentor, coach and consultant. Children (boys and girls) and adults of every age can now use simple media skills to share their most important stories.  We are the media!  Ask Quynn how she can help you (or members of your organization) learn these new literacy skills.

Current Collaborative Partnerships include:
Iskashitaa Refugee Harvesting Network – Girls Making Media was included  with Iskashitaa in a PLACE grant from the
Tucson Pima Arts Council to create a multimedia ‘cook book’.
-Pima County Library– Quynn of GMM is an audio and video media instructor in the new CreateIT youth media program.
The Saguaro Girl Scouts – as a partner in the new Arizona branch of the National Collaborative Girls Project,
promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for girls).
-Podcast Creation for www.healfestival.com about Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles for Children.

Past media projects and relationships include:
-YWCA Tucson- Video coverage of the 2011 Women’s Leadership Conference

-Quynn instructed an 18 year old intern with Girls Making Media to create a video highlighting the Women in Government Awards ceremony hosted by the Pima County/Tucson Women’s Commission.

-Quynn taught three different groups of Tohono O’odham teens how to create videos about subjects that were important to them and their nation.

-Quynn taught teens at Native Images, a Native American organization in Tucson, AZ (www.nativeimages.org ), how to make audio podcasts so they can create their own media.

“Quynn consulted with Native Images to teach youth how to make podcasts and audio PSAs. The youth began the project having never worked with audio before. Quynn taught the youth every step needed to produce, edit, and finalize a podcast for our program.”
Jonathan Rios, Youth Program Coordinator at Native Images

In 2008, Quynn edited a five-minute video from footage shot by Native teens in Washington state (Lower Elwha Klallam tribe) as they went through a weeklong Elwha River Restoration camp to document the restoration of their ancestral (and dammed) river after the dam comes down (in 2011).

“Through working with Quynn Elizabeth, young people in the tribe had the opportunity to learn videographer skills and express themselves through this new medium.”
LaTrisha Olom-Suggs, Assistant to the Director of the Elwha River Restoration Department, Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

“In the summer of 2008, the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe (http://www.elwha.org/ ) worked with Quynn Elizabeth to create a video of the Klallam youth’s experience with the Elwha Science Education Project. Quynn generously provided her skills as a videographer, producer, and educator.”
Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin Olympic Park Institute 

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In 2008, Quynn offered instruction to local middle school girls in the Flowing Wells school district as they worked on videos for a National History Project competition.

“I found Quynn to be an excellent instructor. She was patient, caring, a great listener, and made each student feel successful. She exemplified what I have come to know through my many years of teaching as an excellent instructor. Quynn has a special knack of helping without doing; supporting while expecting something back from students; sharing her passion for her work and a willingness to take the time to share with others in a most patient manner.”
Mary DeStefano, Flowing Wells School District

Contact Quynn to find out how she can assist your project.  We are the Media!