There are many macro reasons to be pissed about the White Supremacist riots of insurrection at the Capitol building this week. I will share my top three reasons about one character highlighted that day, as so many were allowed to take over the building. The fool in the stupid costume who is self named “Q Shaman” from Arizona. He is the pathetic archetype of the failed coup, and he will pay for it. Why do I focus on him? Because his actions shit on my favorite letter (Q of course), he appropriated the word “Shaman” because he thought he could just take it (and I imagine he thought it boosted his sad strength among his followers) and because he is from Phoenix, AZ (I too reside in AZ), so I must throw in my 2 cents…

  1. His costume is ridiculous and offensive! It doesn’t look “Native” or “Shamanic” or even “Authentic”. It is actually a parody…he looks like Barney Rubble from the Flintstones.

2) He is not a “Shaman”. Only people who have trained with traditional Shamans can eventually be considered that role by their community. He is not a “Shamanic Practitioner” either. This training takes years of dedication to the arts of particular kinds of healing practices for the benefit of their community. This man is not a healer, he is a performer, taker and appropriator. Also, if anyone has found this page because you have searched the words of his name, you need to know that no white person with self awareness calls themselves a Shaman these days, unless they are authentically trained as such. Do not go to anyone who claims this and cannot back it up.

3) As one of the few people who have a name that has the wonderful letter Q in it, I am sick of the Anon people using it. Quit holding the most magical letter hostage. The letter “Q” is the only one in the alphabet that makes no sound by itself. It has no sound unless a “U” is with it. So Q is nothing without U. It is a dumb way to name a treasonous bunch of pedophile hunters. Since “Q” has been found out as some dude with nothing going on, it is time to change your name. In the next era, stay focused on your mission of pedophile hunting in pizza parlors, and call yourselves “P Anon” instead. Leave Q out of it! The outfit below is perfect for that mission.

He, like his president, is a Lame Duck.
-an ineffectual or unsuccessful person or thing.

The old Q is gone. The New Q has a different, and better, message. Many old “Q” supporters probably won’t like it…but for anyone who is tired of the old bullshit and lies, stay tuned… for the Quest of the New Q that has already begun .

3 Reasons Q Shaman AZ is a Lame Duck
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