Words are unifying but often they can divide. Our languages are so different. How we use words, what we call things ideas, and perceived realities, all can divide us. It can become easy to feel a sense of right and wrong, as in “I” am right and “they” are wrong. It has probably always been this way. “I” and “We” are not above or separate from this experience. This being said, “You” may find any or all of my words to be “wrong”. ok. and so I continue.

Yesterday someone told me that they felt I shared a lot of myself on facebook. While I generally agree with this opinion, a part of me was surprised, because I consciously don’t share my “opinions” as often as I feel them. :)  So today, I have noticed a sequence of events that are allowing me to form an “opinion”, and so I feel called to share.

I recently heard someone say that they don’t like to know about “negativity” in the world. They know it is there and they don’t want to place energy on them. There seemed to be an implied request to have people stop speaking of them, sharing them, placing any energy into them. For myself, I feel that one power of technology such as video cameras and social media is that more light is being shed on acts of violence and meanness that have previously happened in the darkness of anonymity, and this means that people with privilege to dominate and be mean can not so easily act out against people they feel are inferior. At least now, where as not so much in the past in this country (and in the present time in some other countries), there are baby step reactions to such acts.

I feel that we are being observed. This is where words can divide us, because whether you feel that the word is “your higher self”, “God”, “ETs”, “Spirit”, whatever you want to call it, I feel that we are being observed. Not only about our reaction to, and co-creation of, our own evolution, but also of our collective evolution, how we as “individuals” treat others.  Not just other humans, but all beings in the web of life. I am learning, by practice, to hone my response to things that anger me, or make me hurt emotionally, or that I feel are absolutely wrong. Each time I respond, I am trying to not react, but act in a way that brings benefit. It is most difficult when something happens to me or around me that feels horrible. The observer in me watches my “fiery” Self have its chemical and emotional reaction, and it is fascinating. I am learning to breathe through that feeling and to listen for the best appropriate response. Sometimes I do not do very well at this practice.

I recently experienced a meditation, and this was the majority of the teaching that came through. I was being shown over and over and over different situations in the past and present where something angered me and how I reacted. I was offered an opportunity to redo the situations in a way that would leave me with the feeling of calm.

As I get closer to turning 50 I noticed that a big teaching I’m being offered is how to cultivate a more focused response to these situations and to expand my view, my perception. What happens to my brother and sister of the two legged, the four-legged, of the wings and the fins does affect me.  What happens to the trees and the lions and the people nearby me, or far away, does somehow affect me. “We” all know this. We are all equal.

I will eventually get out of this reality, because I know that this world, is some form of illusion, a dream, an expanded journey into Self and Other.  I know that I am a co-creator “here”, and I also have a sense of this “Observer” energy that has a broader view of things than me.  I am ok with this.  It doesn’t matter if I am ok, because it is.

This may be my last time here,, and I have a very strong sense that what I do with my time here and how I energetically and physically treat “others”, matters very much. I am a part of a Web of Life. All kinds of Life. How do I love it, them, and myself, without empathically imploding or exploding from all the perceived pain, and/or unplugging completely? Maybe this is one of the greatest teachings offered about incarnating in this reality on this planet right now in human form.

In my opinion.

A Fine Balance-No Joy without Sadness


A Fine Balance-No Joy without Sadness
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2 thoughts on “A Fine Balance-No Joy without Sadness

  • February 19, 2016 at 10:02 am

    As he used to say…. Heavvvvy. But seriously a great exposition of self discovery. Many of us need to examine our lives in this manner and often.

  • February 22, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Helpful indeed. I was coming to the same conclusion within myself as I saw myself expand in my anger and then retract back to myself. I managed for the first time in such an encounter, NOT to lose control on someone else. Inside I was deeply hurt. Outside, I said no rage and responded with care. It was hard. That action alone helped me get over it much faster than usual.


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