It is the first day of my 53rd year in this body on this Earth. Yesterday, on my birthday, I came back to town from being in the desert for a couple days. After showering (I shower outside, even in the winter), I saw my shadow in the late afternoon light and I decided I needed to start a new tradition. I went inside (naked) to get my phone and I took the pictures below. I decided in that moment of aging reflection, that from now on my birthday I will take photos of myself completely natural (no primping, filters or even clothes) to document my experience of being in an aging body. Hopefully I will have many years to watch myself evolve.

It is interesting being in a body, and having that body flow through the aging process. Everyone experiences it, if we are graced with being able to age, so my new tradition of baby elderhood will help me watch my elder self grow, and hopefully my acceptance of my authentic androgynous Self will grow too.

To read about how I was called to this path I seem to be on, check it out here.

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Androgynous Me. Unfiltered at 53.
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