I have been blessed to have received much healing assistance in many forms recently.  I am surrounded by many energy workers, shamanic journeyers, wordsmiths and people with beautiful healing presences.  As I let people know about my experience with Cancer, I began receiving meaningful written words in return.  Sometimes the words were shared as encouragement.  Other times they were to explain what happened for them when they tuned in to offer me healing.  I began to compile them because I knew they should be shared with you.  They are wise words that can be helpful in many situations of the mind, body and/or spirit. I also included a few passages by me, to share more of my internal experience.  I will share a post soon that focuses on the shamanic journeys that people did for me, but here I would like to share the words that were shared with me.  (If someone shared words that I assumed were theirs, but they actually belong to someone else, please let me know so I can credit them appropriately). I received so many lovely words that I cannot share them all, so I share a few here.  To all of you who write to me, thank you for your healing salve of sacred words.  They soothe the soul to hear or read.  Blessings to all!

“Hearing the word ‘Cancer’ spoken in relation to me was not at all what I expected!  And, as I live my life through this process, I can see now that this personal wakeup call has been lurking for a while in my mind and heart.  I have learned that my body lets me know when it is time for No More Waiting.”

“The unfolding and unraveling of the inner recesses, journeys and wounds is quite a spectacular dance. It begins slowly. A crack appears and a trickle of light peeks through, then streams and beams of light continue and continue. It arrives gently or as a proverbal 2×4”

“There are things to share in the spirit of my healing, inspired by your openness.  My two experiences with hearing the word cancer from a doctor in relation to my body are whirling up from memory’s well. I don’t want to drink from them just yet, although they allowed me to find parts of myself that may have waited many lifetimes to emerge. Disease, despair and her more terrifying child desperation cling to the walls of the well, peering from the dark toward the light of my present. They covet what they can never have. You have found this many times in your life and like me, you have prevailed. I have no wisdom here, only an understanding word, a spirit’s glance, and the warm blood pumped by the continued beating of my heart. I so admire your courage and undisguised admission. Your tendency may be to hide, but you truly hide that well, and as you have shown me, despairing thoughts return to the nothing that they are when exposed to light. I’m very grateful for your words today. I’ll now pull the rope from the depths and find that my well is not tainted, but enriched by the dissolution of those dark days when I wore a capital C.”

“i have focused my healing vocation on my experiences with emotional pain and generational trauma. i have always been absolutely blessed with health and a strong body. i guess now it is my turn to learn about body healing and all the emotions that go along with it, and this is already helping me be a more compassionate person, which will help me become a better healing facilitator.  When i tuned into the mass in my leg recently to see what message it had for me, it said to me “i am a gift to you. i am your healing.”  I do not feel that my body betrayed me or that i am being punished. i have had many other feelings, but not those.”

“Self  Love sounds cliche but here’s the real deal on this: you don’t have to create it. You already are a loving being.

All you have to do is acknowledge it. There is no need to muck around in boxes.  Just keep acknowledging what you already are.  

Use the “I acknowledge …” mantra throughout the day and eventually the veil will drop. You will see your authentic self. This has happened for me.  I am speaking from experience, not a book.

I acknowledge the truth that exists continuously. 

I acknowledge the loving being that I am.

I acknowledge the presence of love in all things.

I am open to the loving being that I am.

I claim the loving being that I am.

I am the loving being that I am.

I love myself. I am love. 

I acknowledge the loving being that I am.

This is easy and powerful stuff.  No hard work involved.”

“In healing, often it is the simplest and most clear images one receives that are the most revealing.  After having some time to process after our healing session, I am beginning to sense that my image of the younger teenage Quynn caught in the midst of unknown and dark presences may be a source for your dis-ease

The soul’s receptivity is par excellence in its purpose.  Its pure reason for being is to experience what the soul holder has to offer it.  Every emotion, every experience, and every thought is a marvel because they ultimately compose and bring into being the soul’s true essence, it’s uniqueness.  We are the Bach, the Picasso, the Rimbaud (so-to-speak) many times over on creating the soul’s individuality.  This is especially and profoundly true in regard to fear and its impressionability for the soul.  In this sense, I do not mean impressionability in the childish sense (even though it is this as well) but rather it is what emerges from the soul (given its par excellence receptive state) that is of concern here. 

The energies of our emotions serve a genuine purpose: life.  In a nutshell, we desire to live in, enjoy, and experience the world.  Simple, right?  Negative emotions serve a purpose as well…through simple discernment we learn to survive another day until we are happy again.  It is our biological drive that makes it so. We are all Homer Simpson no doubt about it.  

From a healer’s perspective, we take this model to unravel the soul’s travails, shenanigans, and starring role in life’s drama.  From a quantum perspective, we can take it one step further to see how fear collapses the reality around us.  Fear collapses the utterly beautiful cosmologies of our being into a static mental representation, a kind of meaning, and it then passes this representation (no matter how true or how false in its apprehension of reality) onto the vital body.  The vital body, our creator (being aligned with the universal creation), takes this information as a command, a download, and it passes it along to the corresponding chakra (or chakras).  The vital body gives birth to whatever it is given because it is the blueprint, the source that brings into being our own being and becoming.  

Fear is the ultimate command anyone can hand over to our vital blueprint.  This is so because as with all commands it is efficiently formed and packaged by a thought (a mental image), an intense electrified feeling (a turned on, biochemical sympathetic nervous system), and a shift of our consciousness from full awareness into a memorized state.  All neatly and precisely packaged, right?  However, in the case of any human experience with dis-ease, fear is peerless.  In other words, fear has taken our reality and has beautifully and magnificently collapsed it in one fell swoop.  If in time our fears become maladaptive, then our vital blueprint takes these commands and translates them as true, no matter how unreal or skewed they are from their representation of reality.  If you have followed along here and I’m sure you have, just allow yourself to pause for a moment to consider/comprehend the Homer Simpson mind or mind as ego…the great meddler, composer, poser, and complicator in everything that is beautiful.  Because the mind operates at the level of mental representations, it loves beyond measure any mental representation you give it.  So please, don’t believe everything you think!  Too, at the moment, we will not concern ourselves with anything related to the dark subconscious via Jungian thought, but simply say that its hidden role is to convince you and I of the immortality of mind.  Or in the case of the survival-mode mind, fear is seen as offering commands constantly and steadily until it  becomes an outward emotional preference (in spite of the mundane reality we actually live in).  Luckily for me, I got tired and bored with this quickly.  

The reason why I offer this partial long winded explanation is to give a chance, an extra vital moment if you will, to our young Quynn who needs to release herself from her fear.  The memorized states of fear that she created from so long ago and now carries within her, these need to be replaced by other more powerful, life giving commands.  The question I raised in our conversation was meant to start you thinking about this possibility…because in this beautiful tender moment it truly is a question of who has the desire to live more, you or your dis-ease.  The “life” that is often given free reign to our memorized states of fear, now translated as a command by the vital body, must be given its due notice…the Homer Simpson mind as ego must be turned off and the Bach, the Picasso, and the Rimbaud must be allowed to emerge as new commands to young Quynn’s vital blueprint.  Dismantle all fear.  Her soul patiently awaits! “

“Phil, Your Young Quynn (Quin back then) email helped me remember that when i was 15 my parent’s marriage was officially falling apart. i am the oldest and the only girl. I was so stressed (and fearfull) that i got mononucleosis so bad that i was afraid i would die, and the doctor said it was the worse case he had seen. i missed two straight weeks of school and didn’t make a full week for the rest of the year.  i had ‘forgotten’ this until your email. Young Quin is in my mind and heart now, and i am working with her. i talked with my mom about it. she shared how afraid she was, and was sure that as an empath i was picking that up too. she said i called her at work one day saying i was afraid i would die.While I do not now remember saying that, I would say that i dont think i thought about death before that.
to life,”

“Sometimes, we need help removing things from our Bodies.
This is a meaningful video.  This wild Raven came to humans to help him remove Porcupine quills from his neck.  http://wimp.com/ravenhelp/
Shared by Toni

“Wonder, Joy, Truth, Love.  They are alive. They are filled with an energy of their own. So it’s not about doing an act of love or joy etc. It’s about acknowledging the presence of love, truth, joy etc. It’s about opening up to the presence, accepting it, allowing it to flow through you. Very easy,  very simple but very powerful.  These are entities that can be journeyed to. “

“When i was going into my appointment to hear my test results (I was about to be told I had a Cancer problem), I looked down and noticed a bumpersticker on someone’s car “Life is but a Dream”. I smiled because I had created that sticker 15 years earlier. I took it as a sign then, and i still remind myself this regularly. “Life is but a Dream”. I am telling myself a couple others too…”Things are not what they appear” and “Just because I think it, doesn’t mean it is True.”

“You are absolutely right that news of this type can bring up lots of emotions but I prefer to keep my feet firmly planted in my optimistic reality. If I may be so bold as to say this… Everything will be fine.  You are surrounded by the love of family of many sorts and the love and inspiration that you continue to spread will always come back to you when you need it. “

“You know, Quynn,  with so many of us who care about you and all of those who will come for each of us to keep you safe and your medical team blessed, focused, inspired and divinely guided….that O.R. is not only going to be crowded, it’s going to be a joyous spiritual carnival like few have ever experienced. If in doubt, sister, laugh. We’ve got you.” 

“The moon blinks because such is the order of things.  Perhaps she blinks slowly but she blinks, perhaps more slowly than our sun because she is special that way, but she does blink at us, same as the stars we can recognize as being the children of the light and not the planets nor the children of men.

Our third eye must have a time to be open and a time to close,  perhaps for a short time, but for a length of period nonetheless.  Especially so if we are women.

There is a time to grow and a time to ponder upon the growth we’ve already had.  Such is the order of this Earth we call home. For to have no rest is to invite insanity and disorder to take a hold of our lives.

So when you need your time to blink, and when you need your time to close your third eye, take it.  Let the thunder clap if it wants for you to open your eye, and let him know that your will is more powerful than a stare.  For healing is the superposition of our will upon those who would have us have no rest.

So, rest, Quynn.  And heal.

“We are in the midst of the world where joy, happiness, love, truth etc live as divine beings. We are separated from that world by a thin veil. It’s like babies in the womb are in this world. The acknowledging practice helps thin the veil.

May the beings of health, joy, love, happiness, strength & courage join hands, circle around you, birthing you into their divine essence.”


“PEACE WITH CANCER-SHAMANISM AS A SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO HEALING. By Myron Eshowsky”  An EXTREMELY helpful book for anyone diagnosed with Cancer or another potentially fatal disease. 

Here is the author’s website. http://myroneshowsky.com/shamanic-work-with-cancer-and-other-aggressive-illnesses/
Shared by Elisabeth


Beautiful Healing Words Shared

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Beautiful Healing Words Shared
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