In preparation for my 45th birthday, I thought ‘what do I want?’…my answer was Joy and Love.  Since the experience at the age of 26 that called me to follow the path of shamanizing, I have felt many layers of DNA memory (to read about my experience, scroll down linked page to Quynn’s Ghost Story).  Especially in the beginning, I have had waves of ‘fear’ in my body, fear that if i speak about my new internal experiences, of spirit worlds, and voices in my head, and about new theories (to me) about creation and evolution and starseeds, that ‘they’ would come in the night and take me away.  The ‘they’ could be men in white coats, or an older memory, those who want to get rid of people like me, and who speak of things that I was to speak. Since then (around 19 years ago) I have learned about how many Earth honoring Animists around the world have been tortured, ridiculed and killed for who they were and what they knew to be their Truth. I have worked through many of these strange memories by not stopping and giving up.  I continue speaking, and living my soul path, even when I feel fear.

In the last year or two  I have realized a more subtle remnant of this feeling that was still present in my life.  It was being shown to me that I had been trained at some point, who knows how long ago, to not show, or even feel, true joy and love, because if ‘they’ find out what i feel joy about, or who i love, ‘they’ will take them away to get me to shut up or punish me.  I do not feel that I am a paranoid person. I feel that this has happened over and over for many generations and lives and the imprint continued to affect my choices.

I have recently decided that this feeling must end. The block to feeling, and expressing, Joy and Love, must step aside.  For the grace of the Godds, in this time and place, I will not be taken away or killed for who I am, and I am blessed to have people around who love and care for me.  And so, for my birthday, I asked for a circle of friends and journeying companions to come together to honor these two beings, JOY and LOVE.   People came. Rhythm was made by all. Blessings were written, and then divinely read for a beautiful audio segment to share with you.  The link to this 7 minute string of amazing and impromtu blessings is here for you to hear. (click link and scroll down a bit in the post to see the audio player)

We are so close to Winter Solstice 2012. This is a  time of great mystery and prophecy, and we are a part of it. Ponder these blessings of Love and Joy, and hold them in your heart as we come closer to the sacred time of Winter Solstice.  They are for YOU!  Whatever happens, if people are holding Joy and Love in their hearts, all will be GOOD, as it is meant to be! Join us in this beautiful adventure.

In the evening’s activities, I was then surprised.  Elisabeth Black had apparently reached out to many people around me and asked for them to write me blessings.  On the night of the Joy and Love Birthday gathering, I was presented with a “Blessing Basket” filled with creative and heartfelt messages to me, and amazing blessings that anyone would love to receive. And, so, in the spirit of sharing, I am posting some blessings here for you! They are for you because I am you, and You are me. We are ONE.


May your life’s work always bring you Love, Joy and Prosperity.

May the magic of your be-ing continue to ignite the magic of other be-ings.

May the gentleness of the flower petals’ whisper fall softly on your spirit.
May the wind’s wisdom tenderly touch your shoulder in the directions of knowing.
May the beauty of your soul light the way of many…
As your truth is reflected in each step you take.
May your courage continue.
May your birthrights of plenty remain consistent.
May the works of your path be with grace, ease and love.

May you have love that never ends, Lots of money and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do, And may the Universe send many blessings to you!!

May your journey ahead be blessed with the warmth of close friends, the joy of works well done, the song of pure laughter, peace in times of chaos, gentle rest whenever needed, strength in the ties of community you gather about you, wonder for every bit of magic revealed to you, and may you always receive the love you have given, three-fold!

May beauty walk with you, may your offerings reach the hearts and minds of many, bringing ever more benefit to the world.  May the Earth be protected and loved, and may your life’s work help make it so!
May you be safe, warm, well-fed, and always and deeply loved.  May your tribe grow and your community deepen.  May your heart’s secret wishes come true.  May you know long life and excellent health, and may you be Happy!

May your days be filled with joy, love, laughter, success, friends, support, opportunity, abundance, integration, kindness, and all that you most want.  May you dance and sing, feel the sweet rain, share your heart, be hugged and kissed, have lots of smiles, let go, receive and give, rest, exercise, have peace, have gratitude, love your life!

I want to thank all who felt called, and who were able, to join in the circle and were willing to write, and then read, the great verbal blessings.  I thank those who went to the effort to write me the blessings and messages that you did. I thank Elisabeth Black, Alyson Greene, Dee Owl Woman, and my mother Sue Ellen for the special care.  I thank those who were not able to attend or participate, yet who still care about me, and who love Peace and Love.  I thank my guides for helping me be strong. Thank you to Joy and Love for the effect you are having on me.

All photos were taken at the circle, and are of the blessings shared with me. Peace to you as we move into 2012. Love and Joy to you!

Blessings Shared
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