This last Saturday I hosted the ISA (Institute for the Shamanic Arts) Healing Arts Booth at the 2013 Tucson Peace Fair.  4 Practitioners, and myself, offered short sessions for people that day. Stone Readings, Card Readings, Labyrinth walking, Energy Work, and activities for children were offered.  It was a fine time!

For the first time, some drummers from ISA offered a drum journey for Unity Consciousness for the entire fair. I had the opportunity to speak to the audience for a few moments and I chose to share my feeling that each of us has a birthright, a personal connection and relationship with our inner world, spirit guides, and that which is often called God and/or Spirit.  I also invited people to participate by sharing their energy, rather than simply observe.

As we drummed and rattled, we could feel people observing…however, as we continued our consistent beats, more and more people came down to us to dance, and they began to give in to the rhythms. They closed their eyes, they swayed, their energy softened. We could feel it.  By our ‘end’, people weren’t ready to end. It continued for a while longer, people in Joy and Peace, smiling, and feeling connected to each other and the world around us all, and within each of us.

Peace, see you next year!

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Drumming at the Peace Fair
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