One week ago I returned to Tucson after being in Portland, Oregon for 16 days. It was illuminating and rejuvenating in many ways.  The green coolness was a healing salve to this acclimated desert being.  I was able to restore and build relationships with my mom, mom’s partner, brothers, niece, nephews, in-laws and friend.  I actually enjoyed not picking up a drum, not hosting a circle, and barely being on a computer (I did not take mine) for over 2 weeks.  I loved having fun time with my mother, rather than more of the stressful time we had together last year (because of the cancer in my body).  Then, it was time to come HOME.  I grew up in the Portland area, left when I was 30 years old and have been based in Tucson ever since.  It felt good to feel that I was coming home to Tucson.  For the first time I felt this way. It made me happy. :)

Before I completely move on, back in Tucson Life, I want to gratefully remember some highlights (shown in no particular order) from visiting my family and hometown.

Going Home, Coming Home



Going Home, Coming Home
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One thought on “Going Home, Coming Home

  • July 8, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Cool seeing pictures from your trip and hearing about it!


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