Today is Friday the 13th in November in 2020, exactly 9 months since a National Emergency was called due to Covid-19. It is hard to believe how much has changed, and what been clearly revealed since Covid descended upon us. Due to the inept and dangerous leadership (almost out of office) we are facing an extremely challenging winter. Thinking about all that has happened, it feels like every month has been a year, and it can be overwhelming to remember all that has come to pass so far in 2020, as each one is huge on its own…

I kept an informal list over the past months so I could remember-

Here it is: There is no guarantee the timeline is exact
-Corona appears-ignored by the past president
-Air travel stops-lockdowns
-Murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Arbery, and George Floyd sparks the Black Lives Matter protests all over the world against police brutality and white supremacy
-Many lose jobs as businesses close during lockdowns
-Summer fires explode all over the western US
-The past president inflames the country with support for racist and white supremacist groups
-Masks are made political and Qanon feeds conspiracies
-Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies in the autumn, preparing the way for conservative SCOTUS pack
-The past president gets Covid, and “heals”- many in administration also become positive
-Covid deaths in US are well over 200,000+ with no action from past president, while hosting superspreader events regularly
-Presidential election brings forth highest voting in history (during a pandemic), with over 70 million Americans voting for T
-Biden/Harris are named Prez/VP elect 4 days after election-past president does not concede
-Congress still has not cut a second stimulus package, leaving millions in dire situation
-Covid rates rise exponentially

Now, on November 13, as holidays approach, many European countries, and a growing number of US states, are preparing for an overwhelming Covid winter with lockdowns and mask mandates. Rural areas are being slammed by Covid, which may change minds about Covid being a “hoax”, we shall see.

As the empire that we call United States is absolutely not united, I seek my place in the current evolution. I place my faith in black and indigenous citizens of this “country”, built by stolen people on stolen land, as they weave closer to the vision of safety and equity in the culture we share and expect white kin to do the work. I support the efforts of the younger generations who keep nudging this empire in a wise direction. I seek to understand the diverse progressive movement more deeply as it is now, and how we can guide us towards justice for all. I ask to receive guidance about how to interact with those who vote and act in ways that bring harm to many, including themselves. As an aging white colonized female bodied being, I seek to be more helpful to the movements of mutual aid and pastoral care as we forge into a future of Amerikkka’s deterioration. Covid has shown me that I am here to assist the unfolding of social, racial and eco justice on this beautiful planet.

Many aspects of the colonizing empire culture are, in one way or another, dying out as the generational shift occur. We could look at it as a sunset of ideas. However, a sunset leads to a new sunrise. May we all find ways to support and appreciate the coming sunrise.

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November 13 2020-Nine Months of Covid in Amerikkkan Empire
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