Listen to verbal guidance about the process of soul retrieval.  One can go within and ask for a guide to soothe and retrieve soul parts after (even long after) soul trauma and pain. You are safe here.

Drum track
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8:32 minutes

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Retrieving Soul Parts
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One thought on “Retrieving Soul Parts

  • August 3, 2015 at 6:07 am

    Hello Quynn, I love your poem on Shaman World, so I thought I’d write one for you.
    Entity guides pave our ways,
    Moving in spirit, body in a dazw
    Progressing through the unknown, dreamlike state
    I’ve looked upon world, I’ve roamed there for day’s
    Embrace your conquest, my falcon flies high
    Watching my spirit, to ear to my cry
    I hear my intuition, I can feel its warm voice
    Don’t try to listen, because you don’t have a choice
    Search deep inside, for the answers you seek
    Visual the freedom, of reaching the peak
    Visual yourself conquering fear
    Intention is set, action is near
    Then visual yourself as happy as can
    And you will see how simple life can be

    I would love to take part in some ceremonies if there are any avaliable. I send you good vibes, and have a lovely day.


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