When your Service Ends, Inner Wounds need Healing

Soul* Restoration= Ceremonial practices of soul retrieval, spirit extraction and honorable recovery tend inner wounds of war and find one’s inner compass once again.

What is Soul Restoration?~
Due to living through military, adult and childhood traumas, parts of our Soul can get stuck in that experience.  We can rescue them (retrieval).  Also we can be wounded in body and mind, and a part of traumatic experience can remain in one’s Soul, until it is extracted and dealt with. Soul loss and Soul wounds are real, and rescuing, recovering and extracting spirits of the past and part of one’s Soul is a real part of the remedy for what ails you.

*The word ‘Soul’ is used here to describe the essence of a person. It can be damaged and wounded like any physical part of a person. Some people use the term “Moral Injury” to describe the wounding that can happen to one’s conscience, morals or soul.

Illustrations in Accepting the Ashes book by E. Gentry and Quynn Elizabeth

message from Quynn, Soul Restoration Practitioner and a veteran’s daughter-

We have each experienced trauma in our own lives.  Each family has had its share of trauma. Each tribe,  village or nation have been the victim of traumatic violence, and at some point in the past we too have inflicted violence.  In our common language, this has become WAR.  In addition, every tribe has experienced horrific terrors as their culture was wiped out, altered or absorbed into an invading group of Others.  This is human history.

I am the daughter of a combat veteran in the Vietnam war.  You too probably have your family warrior story. War affects all involved. It quietly and quickly, like a spirit in the night, seeps into those who participate.  And then those warriors bring it home.  To spouses, to children.  Like a sickness, it spreads through the community and leaves the strongest diminished, and those who love, afraid. 

What past communities had, which we have forgotten, is the sacred return of the Warrior after War, so that these Warriors, who are also members of the community, can peaceably come home to the village, and feel like a human being, again.  Different than before, but once again Human.

There have always been practices, rituals and ceremonies performed and practiced by healers, loved ones and sages to help the returning Warrior come to terms with what he/she/they saw, the lives taken, perceived failings in the face of danger, the betrayal of commanders and country, and maybe how to safely feel again.  This is the final stage of service for any soldier/service member/Warrior.  Our Warriors are Citizens and Human Beings.  We need to implement the ancient practices of soul retrieval, extraction and ceremony (collectively called Soul Restoration) so that we can help bring our Warriors home in their Soul. 

Quynn is a Pastoral Counselor in an Animist tradition (meaning that we are all connected in the sacred Web of Life), and is a Soul Injury Ambassador with www.opuspeace.org . She offers Animist healing practices to assist people as they heal from past traumas to find peace in more moments.

Using the powers of drumming, imagination imagery, mindful breathing, simple ceremony and intention to call on inner allies, healers and teachers have helped Warriors mend their soul wounds for thousands of years across the globe. War changes people, causes soul loss, and can negatively affect families and tribes. When we acknowledge these cultural wounds being silently burdened by our nations veterans, we can begin to help them tend those yet left unhealed. Time tested soul tending practices are offered as tools for veterans to use to heal the festering sadness, fear and anger that is left within after returning home.

Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain
Personal Sessions offered through zoom or phone

We will open our sacred circle with your intention for the session. Know that you will not be asked to do anything that does not feel comfortable. Then Quynn will guide you within your inner world with her drumbeat and voice to recruit a Spirit Ally who is can help you find a part of you who experienced a soul wound that is affecting you now. What might come up is a you from your war experience, or before. Trust that they are connected.

Testimonials from veteran clients:

“I saw Quynn to try to restore myself to the man I was before a  tour in a war zone as a US Marine. She not only  enabled me to get past traumatic experiences in theater she also realized from the very beginning of our session a childhood trauma that related to similar feelings in a no win action. She helped me resolve these conflicts and evict them from my soul like old filth, which they are. In essence, she helped me save myself. A truly unique experience.”

“Words just can’t suffice. Thank you.”

“My healing session with you was extraordinary and for me, a once in a lifetime game-changer. Thank you.”

“Amazing experience! Quynn helped me clear some deep seated issues. I look forward to my next session.”

Drawing from Accepting the Ashes by E Gentry

Personal sessions are offered by sliding scale, depending on a veteran’s ability to pay.
Reach out to Quynn through contact page for more information and to schedule an online appointment.

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