A week ago I got a call from a woman who asked if I offer private journey circles. I told her that I did. She said that her three girlfriends were coming to town for a reunion. They are elders who have been friends since they were girls. They regularly get together in various places and try new things together.  We settled on a date and a price for such a circle and hung up.   Sunday was the circle.  Four women in their sixties, and myself, gathered in the Grotto (our gathering space in the earth in downtown Tucson) to experience the shamanic journey.  I found out once they arrived that they had never done such a thing, nor had they any or much experience with meditation.  One of the women said she had a meditation room at home but they didn’t use it much.

My task quickly became introducing this ancient and meaningful tool to these women.  Hopefully they would have an experience they couldn’t deny, and that would be helpful to them.  They said they had open minds and open hearts. I told them that was all that they needed to connect with their inner world.

I set three intentions for them, and drummed for them three times.  They closed their eyes three times and were open to what came to them. They shared their experiences after each journey.  There was a strong progression from the first one to the third.  It was like watching birds who didn’t know they had wings try them out for the first time.  Visions were had, messages were received, and an inner quiet was felt.  The last journey was to meet with a personal guide.  Each woman had a powerful journey. They saw, heard and felt things that had meaning to them. They met with loved ones who had passed on, and they said it felt sad, and good, to see them again.  Tears were shed.

At the end of our two hours together, each woman gave me a hug, and told me I was a good guide for them.  I was satisfied, and grateful that they had asked me to guide them.  This is what I am, an inner world tour guide. I help people realize that they have an entire world within and around them that wants to communicate with them.  Each person has had an experience that indicates communication from other realms, in dreams, visions, hunches, intuition or synchronicity.  It is our birthright, even if we have been made to forget.  I help people remember.

These open hearted women reminded me how good it feels to help people remember, and to introduce them to a set of skills that enhances this human experience.  This is what I have been asked to do by my Inner World, and I am glad to do it.

If you are interested in learning how to shamanic journey, there are downloadable journeys and workshops at the ‘downloads’ page.  You can also contact me through this website.

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