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    An Animist Walks

    Today I had some things on my mind, so I went for a hike in the Tucson Mtns, a range that I am growing to love more each time we meet. After a while I could see the pass.  The rocks looked different, and I knew I needed to get there. When I reached it [...]

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    Birthday Gratitudes

    On this weekend of gratefulness (today is “Small Business Saturday”), and for this morning of my 47th birthday, I would like to begin the day with my top 10 Birthday Gratitudes! There are many more, but 10 is good for 8am :) I am grateful I AM ALIVE – This has been one heck of [...]

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    Conducting Spirit Work at 2014 All Souls Procession

    It has been quite a year for me.  This time last year (All Souls Procession 2013) I had no idea what was coming…such is Life.  All winter, spring, summer and autumn I have been experiencing new layers of myself due to a cancer diagnosis and surgery.  This last October I was told by the experts [...]

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    New Life Era is Upon Me-Shamanism-Cancer-Healing

    Greetings Kind People, It has been almost two months since my last post and my hysterectomy.  All went well and no cancer was found in my ovary (yay!).  I am now without my uterus, one ovary and both fallopian tubes, yet I have one strong ovary who is now my gentle female hormone companion.  I [...]

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    Gratitude for Release-Shamanic Ceremony for a Hysterectomy

    Tomorrow morning I enter the hospital to have a partial hysterectomy.  I am 46 and am now being thrust into a whole different phase of womanhood.  In no way did I think when my healing adventure began in February that it would end up with me having this procedure.  Such is life, filled with unexpected [...]

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    Beautiful Healing Words Shared

    I have been blessed to have received much healing assistance in many forms recently.  I am surrounded by many energy workers, shamanic journeyers, wordsmiths and people with beautiful healing presences.  As I let people know about my experience with Cancer, I began receiving meaningful written words in return.  Sometimes the words were shared as encouragement.  [...]

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    Forget me Knot

    I am writing to share my experience, but most importantly to me, I write so that I do not forget.  There are so many moments in life that are so meaningful in the moment, and yet as new moments are created, some old ones are “forgotten”, or at least they are filed away outside of [...]

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    Remembering what is Important

    I am in between the worlds.  The tumor in my body has been removed, and I have not yet heard it’s “diagnosis” i.e. which “grade” they say it is…? Each “grade” is a potential reality that holds a unique set of possible futures. Each reality is seemingly more or less pleasant in my mind.  I [...]

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    Dangerous Despair-Shamanism and Cancer

    I had surgery two days ago.  While it went well, there are still unknowns in my situation.  After returning home last night I found the following writing from the week before surgery.  I decided that rather than hide it in my computer, I need to share it because I do not want to gloss over [...]

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    Note to Self…Healer, Heal Thyself.

    I learned a new word recently. Liposarcoma (look it up, you should learn it as well).  There is one growing in my thigh. At this point it is extremely large. What I have been thinking (for months) has been an expanded muscle…is certainly NOT. I am learning a lot of new things lately.  I have [...]

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