On this International Women’s/Wimmin’s/ Wombyn’s Day, I feel so grateful, and a bit wistful…

First, my gratitude… Born of Woman, and of Mother Earth, Provider to All, I humbly say thank you for the nourishing and teachings I have received so far from so many who call themselves “WOMAN”. I honor the intricate Power of Woman, and the Earth-wide Struggle for basic freaking humyn rights in the daunting face of patriarchy and whyte supremacy. I am learning how to be a Humyn Being from Women/Wimmin/Wombyn.

And…as a blended spirited person I have always felt a bit perplexed, in awe of, and “outside”, the realm of Woman. When I was younger I didn’t understand what kind of woman I was, because I felt fundamentally different, and a bit confused. I never had any children. As I aged I learned more about the spectrum of gender, and I grew to understand that while my inner Self did not feel to be “woman/femme/feminine”, I was in a female body on purpose.

As One who Balances Between, I am here on Earth at this time to encourage, and hold space for, the expansion and reclaiming of the amazing powers of the feminine, femme, womyn. The fate of this beautiful planet depends on the untethering of femme Power! So while I feel a bit on the edge of all the femme magic (especially post hysterectomy), I am so grateful and filled with respect for the women of this beautiful Earth.

Honoring International Women’s Day my Way
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