It is now May 2013. Just turned. Thinking back to previous Mays…last year this month began a very difficult period in my personal life, that has since passed…two years ago I moved ISA out of the location it had called home for over 10 years…three years ago I began the process of getting to know someone, and myself, in a whole new way. Lots of change. Self-created, drastic and meaningful change.

This has made me begin to string together moments of memory…Recently I heard a woman speak sadly of having to wait 2 years , when she doesn’t want to. I then remembered dreading the idea of going back and completing my BA degree, thinking that two years more school would be unbearable. I then remembered my mother encouraging me to do it because “the two years is going to pass anyway, you might as well have it complete when it comes.”  Another woman told a story this week about the recent self-healing of an issue that began over 35 years ago as a child.   With the coming of May, I decided that a part of me who has been in the background as long as I can remember, now needs to be more visible.  These things do not necessarily go together, yet they are all about the changes that happen over a period of time, whether we want them to or not, and whether the passed time seems like a second, or forever.

I am open to what this May will bring…I have recently intuited an affirmation to resonate. It is this… “I joyfully draw to me everyone and everything that I need to help me be of service, and be my best Self.”

Blessings to you and your May :),

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