Hello all!

While organizing writings from past journey circles (my writings and many others), I found a paper with the following written on it~

“A place to grow
and to just Be
A place to expand abilities
A form to the formless
for the Shes, Hes and In Betweens
A niche to fill the need
of sacred Ancestry.”

I have been thinking about ISA (Institute for the Shamanic Arts) and Earth Web Media lately.  It is early April, and I now find this paper regarding what “it” is supposed to be.  I speak of “it” because I feel that something is to be born of me in this life. Not a human, but a meme.  Every since I was called to shamanize I have been sent signs, messages and downloads that something is being born and I am a part of it. Many people are.

I have felt this strongly in the last couple of months, and I have been extra open to what that looks like, and what it wants, specifically in relation to ISA and EWM.  Today I find this paper and I feel it describes well what is happening, slowly over time, for and with those who feel it.  Not everyone feels it, this is something that has been taught to me, as I have progressed, and I am grateful for it.  For those who feel “it”, there is solace here (wherever “here” really is :)).

So I turn the paper over, and here is what is written on the other side…

“June 2012
In 9 months from now
I shall see
The birth of new creativity
Seeded today
by Live Energy”

Blessings to all who are consistently growing!

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A Place to Grow and to Just Be
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