I asked for Change. I felt that I was moving through molasses.  I posted about this on June 15th.  On June 16th, a Change cycle began. The response was quick. The old phase of being stuck in a frustrating loop is now over.  Change has stepped in to take over.  Change is also called Transformation.

Ten days have passed.  Ten days have passed like a month, a year.  It is a shock to see how much life/almost death/life/almost death/life can occur in this amount of time.  Yet something has been freed.  Tragedy, and death/rebirth bring out the best in people, and communities.  I now see the people around me as a strong community.  I know I believed this before this Change, yet now I am sure of it. People have stepped up physically, emotionally, psychic-ally, and as healing facilitators.  We have helped birth positive Change, even though it has been painful.

I see my Soul Purpose more clearly now. I feel more focus than before ten days ago.  My boundaries are sure. My heart is open. My guides are right HERE. I have peers that have stepped up and done what was needed.  I am proud to be a part of it.  Moving from caterpillar to butterfly is a complete transformation.  I have often wondered what the caterpillar feels or thinks about the process.  I am butterfly. I have been caterpillar.  I will be caterpillar again.  I then will be butterfly.

Now, my prayer is that we focus the energy mustered for the highest good. I hope that we can channel our abilites to a more positive future, in our individual and collective ways.

The morning of June 16, in the moments of the day that Change occured, I hosted a shamanic workshop about Spells.  I wrote the following while the drum beat was flowing…

A Change of Spell is needed now
To give me strength to see the How.
Power in the world now I can show
No more in hiding I must go.
Wishing, Wanting, Knowing now
All come focused into How.
Singing Spells of Knowing Now.
Spinning Spells of Knowing How.

This transformational Change is not done. It is only just beginning.  Find a way to participate.  I am.

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Ask and You Shall Receive.
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