It is the end of June in Tucson, Arizona. Monsoons want to start…but not quite yet. This means that it is 105ish degrees. Yesterday it rained for a bit. A cool relief.  Each day is a prayer.  Go out in the morning. Stay in for the afternoon if possible.  Come back out in the evening.  Hopefully to cloudy cool. It is 12:30 today, and I see clouds forming, but no cloudy respite yet…and so my mind wanders to cooler places.  I feel the strong desire to travel in my mind to locations around the western United States that I have visited in past summers.  The photos included are ones of places I have been at the end of June in years gone by.   In our minds we can certainly travel to places and times that can provide us solace, offer a soothing presence, even when we cannot get there in the physical world.

When I look at these photographs, I immediately feel better, less hot, and more supple.  My mind and heart has just traveled many miles with a single jump. These places are just as beautiful and cooling today, as they were when I was there. Enjoy your trip.

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Cool Traveling
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