Rainbow Messages for Winter Solstice 2013

Last night, at the beginning of the 5 days of Winter Solstice, I gathered in circle with two people who have been called by Spirit to shamanize.  Before leaving my house earlier in the evening I felt compelled to take a Rainbow cloth with me for the center of the circle.   For our second journey I felt that Rainbow wanted to be highlighted.  I asked what Rainbows meant to both participants.  I was expecting them to share what they felt Rainbows meant shamanically, or as journeying tools in a general way.  Instead, each had an incredibly personal story of an interaction with a magical Rainbow, that appeared and left in a profound way.   Suddenly the intention for the journey became more meaningful.  I asked them to reconnect with the specific Rainbow that came to them years ago (both experiences were before they were on the shamanic path), to offer gratitude and strengthen their relationship. Halfway through my drumming I felt an urgency to drum very fast, and I felt a Rainbow portal of communication open for these two men. I felt I was doing my job of holding space for them, and their Rainbows.

We acknowledged the consistency of belief amongst Shamanic Peoples worldwide that Rainbows and Rain and Fire and Stone are considered Beings with a form of consciousness that is a part of the web of life (see Animist Statement of Beliefs HERE), and so our circle closed with deep gratitude expressed for all the elements that create our Rainbows, and blessings for this powerful time of year.

When I got home I remembered that I had been given a “Rainbow Gateway” a couple of years ago, a portal for me to enter when I journey for someone else.  I felt a sense of wonder about how I seemed to “forget” this in the circle, instead I simply acted upon the feelings I had on an intuitive level.  Once I “remembered” my Rainbow Gateway, I realized that it was involved in the session, and the bringing of messages for these two people who are strengthening their confidence as Shamana.

Blessings to all who love Rainbows, and who are strengthening their connection to the beautiful living world around us all! Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours!
I close with an image of me with a monsoon Rainbow behind me.

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Rainbow Messages for Winter Solstice 2013
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