Two days before my birthday last week, I was driving in the desert and noticed a dead Roadrunner at the side of the road.  I turned around and honored this beautiful bird in its death.  I rarely see Roadrunners killed by cars (they can run faster than humans), so I took this experience to mean that I am to take the power of Roadrunner into my life for my 46th year.  When I read about Roadrunner, it felt like a perfect fit.  I remembered a time, over a decade ago, when I was in my van in the same desert place as this recording below was made, when I got out of the vehicle a Roadrunner was just 2 feet away from me, standing on a tree branch, watching me. We looked at each other a very long time, until he hopped away.  Two days after finding the Roadrunner, as a birthday gift, a friend gave me a Roadrunner rattle made by a Hopi artist.  I added it to the Roadrunner art I had just found in a thrift store a few days before. Blessings abound.

I look forward to my new relationship with Roadrunner!

The Road Runner teaches mental agility and speed.
Those with this totem learn to think quickly and on their feet.
This totem can help you learn to shift your thought processes from one task to another with ease.
Road Runner people have increased opportunities to plan and then bring those plans to fruition.
Road Runner people are always thinking.
Their minds are always at work.
From Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak. says:  In Southwest Indian legends, roadrunners are usually notable for their speed (despite their small size, roadrunners can run faster than humans,) bravery (roadrunners kill and eat rattlesnakes,) and endurance. The Hopi and other Pueblo tribes believed that roadrunners were medicine birds and could protect against evil spirits. Their unusual X-shaped footprints are used as sacred symbols to ward off evil in many Pueblo tribes– partially because they invoke the protective power of the roadrunners themselves, and partially because the X shape of the tracks conceals which direction the bird is headed (thus throwing malignant spirits off-track.)
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Roadrunner Gifts

Roadrunner Gifts
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