2012 is here, and our NOW Moment is upon us.  A message came through in a shamanic journey as this year began, that went something like this, “It is time to improve your game. There is no more waiting.  The future is happening NOW.”

 On May 20, 2012 I sat with kin in the energy of the Pleiadian infused Solar Eclipse. Since then I have felt an “upgrade” in my world.  Now, tomorrow (June 5 in Tucson, AZ), we get the rare opportunity to experience a Transit of Venus, the second half of its 8 year pair.

  The first half of this set of Venus Transits (partners?) happened in June of 2004.  The last set occurred in 1761/1769, the next set will not begin until 2117.

Transits of Venus have played an important role in humanity understanding the absolute distance between the Earth and the Sun.  In the 1760s astronomer Edmund Halley  (of Halley’s Comet), coordinated a worldwide effort among astronomers to document the Transit, and they calculated the distance very accurately, even with the instruments available in the 18th century.  James Cook’s first sea expedition in 1768 by King George III was commissioned to observe the 1769 transit of Venus across the Sun (3–4 June of that year), and to seek evidence of the postulated Terra Australis Incognita or “unknown southern land”.  If interested in more details about the many links that Venus Transits had on important moments of European history, one can easily find the documentation. For this writing, I am interested in the opportunity opening tomorrow for all Earth loving, shamanic people around the planet.

The last pair of Transits rallied the European scientific community to understand their place in the Universe more clearly.  Unfortunately, these same cultures were actively using their technologies to contact, subdue and sicken shamanic peoples around the planet.  We, as Humanity, may have learned how many millions of miles we are from our Sun, and yet certain groups of humans were using technology to hone their ability to colonize other groups of humans.

My mind goes back to June of 2004, the time of this set’s first Transit.  I was in the wake of my father’s recent death, going through his papers, and beginning to write my book  Accepting the Ashes- A Daughter’s Look at PTSD.   This time was very powerful and set a whole new path for me…a path I am still on today.  Tomorrow I will say personal prayers and give thanks to the energies of Venus that have helped me learn about relationships and communication in the last 8 years.

The next set of Transits begin in 2117.  I wonder about the state of things in 105 years.  I hope that the Earth has taught her humans well, and that we will have learned how to cooperate, colaborate, and understand our powers to create and destroy.

As a modern shamanic practitioner of the Forgotten Tribes (of the peoples who were made to forget their shamanic ancestry), I want to send a message to other Earth-honoring peoples in the 18th century who were experiencing oppression, suppression and coersion in ways I cannot fully fathom.  I want to tell them that their descendents will rise again to honor and protect the Earth.  I also want to send a message to my descendents who will be living in 2117.  We are trying our best to wake up and remember our true place in the Multiverse.  We are trying to become good people and heal what has been done in the past.  I hope that our kin in 105 years will look back at our time and think “thank the Godds those days are over, what were they thinking?!”  I hope they will have remembered their ability to transcend war and embrace love.

I am using this rare Transit of Venus event to explore the possbilities of traveling time and space to send a love note to past and future loved ones.  I want to say…We are here. Do not despair.  I am a proud Earth honoring person who is trying my best to do my best for Earth and all of her creatures.   Mayan and Cherokee prophecies mention this Transit of Venus in 2012.  It can, and may, have many meanings to many peoples.  I encourage you to meditate on this planet Venus passing over our Sun in a visible way, and the window it opens to the past, and to the future.  What message would you send if you could? Send it.

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Transit of Venus-Window of Opportunity
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One thought on “Transit of Venus-Window of Opportunity

  • June 4, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Dear Quynn,

    I so appreciate your writings here and am excited with this knowledge to do my own ceremony for me tomorrow to honor past and present. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful and wise musings and deep shamanic ways.

    Much love DeeAnn


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