I have had two experiences with animals hunting for food this week.  One was my own, and one came from a woman who found my website and wanted my opinion about her experience.  They feel connected, so I share them here.

The first hunting moment was observed by Kathy M. from South Carolina.  She and her husband were visiting Tucson recently and were on an evening walk.  She writes…

“We spotted an animal crossing in front of us with 2 quail beside it. My husband recognized it as a bobcat. The animal casually strolled into this neighborhood , walking near a garage and we followed it , keeping a healthy 25″ ft, distance. All of a sudden we heard a commotion, & we thought it had caught a bird, but it was a snake (4′) . The bobcat flung it against a brick wall, then started to eat it .  It sat there and ate the snake for 30 minutes, and I was able to get these photographs.”

   Kathi asked for my opinion about this interaction.  I asked her to look into the energies of Bobcat and Snake.  I asked her to meditate on the experience to feel what message might be for her specifically.  I also asked for her pictures and said I wanted to write about it.  When she sent the photos she wrote…
“The feeling of the Tucson area seems so expansive, calm, vibrant , pristine. The people in Tucson seem to be so relaxed, aware and intelligent . We talk about this all the time.  The animals we have observed in Az. act differently , less fearful, than the animals here .  You live in a beautiful , wonderful place .  I will meditate on this animal sighting.”

In my view, to witness a Bobcat kill a Snake by throwing it against a wall, and then eating it, is a high honor.  To watch this cat hunt for its nourishment is a blessing of nourishment for those who witness the experience.  Now, each who views these photos and reads Kathy’s words receive nourishment as well.

  Two days later I was at home. My partner was outside in his garden.  From the house I heard “Quynn, get your camera!”  I have learned to not question this request and that an interesting experience was unfolding.  I didn’t want to miss the moment, so I grabbed my camera and walked outside barefoot.  In the middle of our backyard is a very prolific ant house entry point.  These ants are very persistent, and now that the sun is warm, they are numerous.

I was pointed to an area of the ground, and once my eyes adjusted I was able to see the camoflouged Horned Lizard near the ant underground home entry. It sat there.  I got closer with my camera.  Then I noticed that ants began to climb all over the lizard. It was patient.  I was impressed with its ability to wait.  However, I was not as patient, and therefore I did not get a photo of the lizard eating its patient snack.  Just as I put the camera down, the lizard snapped open its mouth and the unsuspecting ant fell in. Successful hunting, witnessed by me!

I am sharing these experiences because I am preparing to host a summer series called Idea!Yay! Hunting and Gathering Prosperity Circle for Artists , and I have been pondering the skills required to hunt, gather or garden our inspired Ideas so they can feed us.  As humans, our Idea brain is an important tool we can, and must, use creatively to assist us in gathering what we need.   So, whether you stalk your food/ideas and throw them up against a wall , or blend in and wait patiently for one to fall into your open mouth, Good Hunting to you!

Thanks to Kathy M. for inspiring this post!
To see a video of a Bobcat killing a Rattle Snake, watch thisbut turn off the sound. The commentary is stupid. The footage is impressive.  No offense intended to the Rattle Snake People of course!


Hunting Nourishment
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