As a child I loved to Dress-UP!

As my Spirit Bridge practitioner life has evolved over the last couple of decades I have reclaimed this childhood love for the good of my sacred work in the world. I find the act of shapeshifting through clothing to be very satisfying. Each “costume” “outfit” creates an internal space from the way I transform myself visually. It is an ancient practice of Humyns and I enjoy finding ways to explore the practice for my life and my times.

Here I share with you some of my creations over the years, all of which I find pieces at thrift stores or literally in the garbage.. I begin with my outfit I created for the 2019 All Souls Procession in Tucson, AZ. Other outfits are from previous Procession years, and various ceremonies and performances with Web of Life Animists.

Thank you for being here. May you explore your inner Shapeshifter in a Sacred Way!!!

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Dress-Up for my Spirit World

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