Sharing Spiritual Gifts…

Welcome to this place where I share my gifts.  Gifts that I offer to, and receive from, my Tribe.  I am of the Butterfly People, those who have transformed themselves in profound ways, to the degree that they think of their former selves as another person.  When the caterpillar “dies”, it becomes a butterfly.

This site is about me, yet it is made for you.  You have found your way here because we are interested in, intrigued by, and called to, the same things.

Curiosity. Soul Purpose.  Shamanic Arts. Nature. Storytelling.  Creativity. Healing. Soul Loss/Soul Wound (PTSD) Support. Imagination. Consciousness. Joy. Gratitude.

Maybe one more than any other… yet, these things have created a connection between us and now you are here. We are here together.

I share my gifts by offering Synergy Shamanic Services in person and through the web. My intention is that you feel calm here and healing can happen. My hope is that you can feel peace with yourself here, even for a little while.  My prayer is that you can feel the awe inspiring beauty of the worlds, within and around you. My desire is to share that experience with you.  Reach out to me Here.

Services include:

Animist Minister/Weddings
Personal Sessions
Classes, Workshops and Trainings
Shamanic Journey Guide

Together we heal and restore beauty.

The power of Shamana
shows you how to find
that you can go anywhere
with the power of your mind.

This thing we call Imagination
has been on the decline
because we think what happens there is “only in our mind”.
But the power to imagine
can take us near and far
to all the dreamlike places-
where our helpers are.

Go there, Come back.
Listen to what they say.
Bring back healing love notes
that inspire us to pray
for health, peace and balance
in ourselves and within our tribe.
When we balance ourselves, our spirit worlds speak
and all life on this planet thrives.
Poem by Quynn




Exploring the Worlds

I was named OOlah by my Spirit Guides, which means “One who Balances”.  It is my role and what I have become.

My inner child is an artist. My adult self is a shamanic practitioner and media producer.  I was called to shamanize while still a young adult (the crazy story is here, scroll down) and once I got my footing I suddenly felt a connection to Nature that I had never acknowledged before.  I started hearing stories in places around me, and in my head.  In order to share my experience I learned how to make audio and video media.  As I get older I see myself most as a storyteller. Our stories shared is our combined Power.

I had never heard of such a thing called “Shamanism” before one night long ago, but now I feel my connection to the living world of plants, animals, guides and guardians within and surrounding us all. I am grateful for this calling, and I am committed to assisting others learn to listen and remember how their living world speaks to them.  I created a Shamanic community called The Institute for the Shamanic Arts in Tucson, Arizona in 1999, and incorporated Earth Web Media as an Animist Church in 2008. In 2013 I bring forth Synergy Shamanic Services and Draven Fynn Productions. In 2014 the Web of Life Church is created.   We are creating new ways to create beauty with others continues to expand…

Post Traumatic Stress and Shamanism

I am the daughter of a PTSD affected war veteran.  My father was the only child of a World War II veteran KIA.  This experience strongly formed my reality, and helped my shamanic practice to unfold.  War-related Post Traumatic Stress is rampant in our culture, and it has burdened almost every generation for a very long time, maybe forever.  Men (and some women) go to war, and then they come home.  The citizen soldier always comes home profoundly changed.  It is not new. It is now time to remember the ancient ways of “healing” war related PTSD.

My father died in 2004. To heal my relationship with him,  and to heal the pain I felt within, I wrote a little book called “Accepting the Ashes- A Daughter’s Look at PTSD”.  To date, “Accepting the Ashes” is used as a resource by the National Chaplain Center, VAs around the country and National Guard Family Readiness Units to help foster constructive communication and understanding for service members and their loved ones.

I was only able to heal my relationship with my father, and write this book, because of my shamanic practice.  Much of my work as a shamanic practitioner is helping people tend to their Soul Trauma.   Either trauma in their own lives, or inherited by ancestors and/or culture.  Soul Retrieval is the first step from pain and to beauty.  To  find out more, go HERE .  You can also purchase the audio or E-book I wrote below.  If you are a veteran and want to explore your Spirit World for your own healing, please go HERE.


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